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Thread: PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarBound View Post
    The prospect of leaving my game time in someone elses hands is something I do not like one bit. I've already had the issue this year when GW2 rolled back 3 days of progress and then took 2 days to put everything back in place. How many times did I want to play WoW years ago with server login taking hours or a patch that got deployed took ages to implement.

    Cloud gaming is not for me.

    But also the thing comes back to the custom additions to the SSD with the hardware decompression that no other SSD will have on the PC market since it is a gaming feature.
    Cloud gaming is coming for everyone. Your resistance to it is based on current issues, but those won't exist forever. It probably won't even be the generation after the upcoming one, but after that who knows.

    The benefits are just insane. I look forward to the technical hurdles being overcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nyt Ryda View Post
    I think The Medium will give us a pretty good indication of next gen if a 500Mb/s SATA SSD is going to be required as a minimum. Also interested to see if 12Gb (or even 16Gb) RAM becomes the new minimum.

    Of course PC gaming will catch up, just at a cost.
    Late '22/early '23 we'll probably be on 16-32 Zen 5 cores with DDR5 and much faster PCIE 4.0 NVMEs which should be able to brute force anything out there.

    What the PS5's insane IO does mean is that PS5 first party devs will probably think it's not worth the effort to bring PS5 exclusives to PC, but we only had a handful of PS4 exclusives come to PC this gen anyway.
    PC gaming will be driven entirely by what the market is doing. I remember when people just about did their head in when the recommended RAM for Doom 3 was 1GB. It took almost no time for everyone to have 1GB of RAM.

    As long as the majority of popular AAA games are utilising technology that requires increased hardware investment, then many gamers will do so. It's not worth it for a tiny handful of games, like with the VR situation.

    My expectation is that all the tricks and fancy architecture of XSX and PS5 are there purely for consoles to perform better and squeeze every drop of performance out of their hardware, and pretty much irrelevant to PCs. PCs get better year on year and are already powerful. I will be (pleasantly) surprised if it isn't just business as usual for PC gaming in the coming years.

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