Good day everyone.

For some time now we have been thinking of a rebirth of Warcraft III. Just going back memory lane and for some nostalgia.

SOOO we have decided to dust off the old server and starting it up again, with new server files. We have not activated our leveling system as we feel it is not needed at the moment. This is purely to bring back some old memories. In no means are we expecting to go huge or be Twilight 2.0.

Anyway enough about that.

We support up to version 1.28 however the best version to use would be 1.27a

If you would like to join the server and play some old school TTW or run kitty run or just hang out you're more than welcome.

Our server details are:

Name: Destiny Gaming
TimeZone: 2

We also have a Discord server for our community and all is welcome. Please follow the link below to join our discord server.

Hope to see you guys there and come join the fun and create all the memories of the past and future!