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Thread: Home Networking/Cabling Solution/company/person?

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    Default Home Networking/Cabling Solution/company/person?

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for someone/company to do some CAT7 cabling at my new place.
    One access point from my ONT/router downstairs to my office/gaming room upstairs.
    I have the router, new access point and can also buy the CAT7 cabling if needed. Wife wants NO cabling visible at all :P I am hoping this will be possible

    Does anyone have any suggestions or people/companies they have used before?
    Would appreciate it.

    New property is Douglasdale, JHB

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    If you don't have conduits in your house that the cables can be run through, you bang out of luck with the no cables visible idea, unless you put trunking up, and that isn't much nicer on the eye.

    Any particular reason why you want CAT7? Its going to be expensive and I suspect a bitch to try and get through narrow/congested conduits if in place given the shielding and stiffness of the cable.

    Sorry can't advise on any company to use though.
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