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Thread: No RTX 30 Series Cards Available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G_SHARK001 View Post
    Round of rumors that Nvidia are postponing any ti models indefinitely due to not keeping up with demand for existing models doesn't sound very promising.

    I've been holding out for a 3080ti but I doubt that will roll out anytime soon. And now I cannot find a 3080 anywhere.

    Only options now are the Rx6800xt and 6900xt which are still available locally. Not that I would bite for those anyway. The Ray Tracing performance and lack of DLSS equivalent is a bit of a deal breaker for me now. I see there's still some 3090's available locally though.
    It's such a mess. It's no different from how the 10 series was the biggest step up, but miners effectively killed the market, doubling everything's price and stock shortage for daaaaayz.

    Honestly what the hell is going on. We just keep getting the short end of the stick but all we want to do is just play some damn games. These companies like Nvidia love it. They don't give 2 hoots about us and love it when this happens. I stopped watching the YouTube tech dudes cause the frustration is just not worth it.

    I am much more patient now though. And all I play is dead cells lol so I'm just gonna wait for as long as possible. There is still nothing I can't play, so I'm not hasty. I check the okes with ps5s playing ps4 games and I'm just like yep, I'm just gonna wait this thing out, cause I can also play ps4 games. On my Ps4.

    It puts into perspective just how good that 5k 970 of ours actually was

    Also I can't do AMD. Ray tracing and no DLSS for me are a massive massive deal breaker. The fact their drivers suck is icing on the poo cake.
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