Hi, guys, so I've recently run into a very annoying problem with the Facebook app and am hoping somebody here can help me out. Almost a year ago me and a friend of mine both purchased a new smartphone. We bought the Hisense U963 with Android 9. We are both using Vodacom as our network provider. They were selling the phones in pairs of two on a special at a reduced price, and since both me and my friend are dirt poor and haven't had a phone upgrade in ages we jumped at the chance to get these phones. Everything was working perfectly fine ever since we got the phones. That is until a few days ago. Since about 2 days ago out of nowhere we suddenly get hit with this weird issue where the Facebook app won't work at all. And it's happening on both phones. Every time we try to launch Facebook it immediately automatically closes the app with a message popping up saying something about "Facebook keeps closing". So now we are completely unable to use the app. We tried contacting Facebook support and they just gave the generic "restart your phone" response. We've tried everything, restarting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, turning the phone off and back on again, updating the app and the software on the phone. After none of these worked we even tried completely wiping the phone and rebooting/resetting/refreshing/formatting the whole phone, and it still did not fix the problem. We've also made sure that there is plenty of free space on the phone for the app.

So what is going on here? Is this a problem with Facebook? Or is the problem with the phone? Or maybe an issue with Vodacom? And why did this problem only pop up now? Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. It's really weird that it's happening on both phones, which leads me to think the issue might be with the phone itself. But again why only now did this start happening? The funny thing is it started happening to my phone first, while it was still working on my friend's phone, and then a few hours later all of a sudden it started doing the same thing on his phone. So, both of us are really confused now. What could be causing this? And more importantly how do we fix it?