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Thread: RARU are useless

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    I wouldn't even buy something from Raru with someone else's money at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roskii View Post
    Surely this can be done from where you will reside? i.e. give yourself a few days, settle in, open a new / foreign account. Don't see why you would do this right away and put yourself under undue pressure.
    Because it's a ballache of note dealing with a bank when you are in a different country? I got told so many times to just go into my local branch...

    Power of attorney doesn't help either because they're full of ****.

    Opening an account in the UK when you aren't present isn't all that easy either. High street banks want a load of information that you can mostly only provide once you're in the country.

    I kept my FNB account open for 2 years. Took over 6 months to try to get it closed. Of course, it incurred that wonderful R199 fee every month. I eventually told them to shove it. I originally asked for it to be closed on x date, i'm not paying for any fees after that date. They had to keep crediting the account.

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    I mean if they contact UK authorities and you present proof that you sent closing letters they will look like twats. It's just like telkom that we cancelled but it took 6 months before they sent their debt collectors only to get 3 different cancellation letters dated back all those months.
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