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Yeah bag space and even shed space is an issue for me right now. I have 2 decent bags which gives me about 700 carry capacity, I have maxed out my sheds in First Light, WW, Everfall, Brightwood, CUtlass, Monarch and Weaver Fen. Need to head to Restless SHores next as I am lvl 43 now. But The storage is a mess. I have so many Gold ore already but making it is an issue since I need silver bars to make gold. Gold also doesnt sell too well so I have loads of it.

I did some crafting the weekend as well so my funds are a bit depleted now had to buy a few things. I am considering buying a house to get the bonusses and extra storage space. But not sure where to do it to be honest.
Donate me some of that Gold. I need it to for making Silver Tier 3 bars. Must say as I learn new things in this game, the more addicted I get. Youtube doesn't help with tips. As soon as I get a good tip, I have to boot up the game and try.
Also having the storage problem, but I only keep my stuff at Windward, as this is my base of operations and where I want to by my first house and make some furniture to make it pretty.