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Thread: What are you currently playing on PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffel View Post
    I'd suggest the following mods, which will all reduce the amount of time that you spend in menus:

    Get the mod to remove weapon degradation, because weapon degradation is a dumb mechanic that detracts from the experience.

    Get the mod to remove inventory weight limits, because inventory weight limit is a dumb mechanic that detracts from the experience.

    Get the mod to auto-apply oils so that don't spend so much time in the menus needing to do it manually every single time.
    Oh, I didn't know about that oils mod.

    Thanks, will be applying it tonight.

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    All those mods makes sense to me, I already cleared the game so it's nice to play it without those bothersome game mechanics

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    Here's a list of mods I highly recommend and am currently using in my playthrough.

    [Over 9000] - weight limit mod
    [Always Full EXP] - balances XP for quests lower level than player
    [Better Trophies] - gives better bonuses for equipped monster trophies
    [Increased Creature Loot (ICL Plus)] - gives better drops from killed enemies/monsters
    [Trade Man] -manage merchant gold and exchange rate
    [Disable Story Books] - no story recaps (not really recommended for a first time player)
    [Enemy Scaling Overhaul] - lets you control how enemy scaling works (no recommended for first time)
    [Shields] - adds usable shields for Geralt (I actually installed it to get different armour and cloaks - not using the shields although they do work fine)
    [Colored Map Markers] - what the titles says, just makes the world map a bit more colourful
    [Friendly Hud] - adds a lot of ways to customise the hud and also adds the ability to add a compass and 3D markers to the world (among other things)


    ^What Friendly HUD looks like in practice. This is with Witcher senses activated. If I let go of RMB my HUD is completely empty. Health and stamina automatically show up when in combat.

    Also make sure to get the unification patch and script merger before installing a lot of modes or you will have issues with launching the game.

    PS. excuse the format of this post, I copied it from my post on another forum that uses different formatting and I'm too lazy to reformat it to look pretty here.

    /Currently playing Witcher 3 and Borderlands 3
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    Finished Black Messa with the Final level of Xen finally been released. What an amazing experience jammed it in 1440p in 144Hz mode. Crowbar Collective did an amazing job.

    I still havent played the witcher series yet. I should though

    I want to start with Witcher 2. Any mods you guys can recommend me to use?

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    Started playing Black Mesa. Less of a nostalgic experience so far, rather just having a good time with a great game! Just enough difference in the game so far to make it feel fresh. Excited for Xen.

    Also playing Dirt 2.0 with VR. Amazing experience, although very tiresome! I play 4 stages at most at a time.

    Lastly, playing Star Wars - Fallen Order (bought from Epic game store with my $10 discount!) Good game, enjoying it. The fighting mechanics aren't the tightest (compared to something like the Souls Series), but can't complain too much. It is great having a proper single player story focused game in the Star Wars Universe.

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