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Thread: Today's Highs and Lows ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenMasters View Post
    Not had a go at cutting your own hair? I was nervous initially, but it turned out not to be all that hard to do. Although, in my laziness to not have to cut it too often, it starts off a little tighter than it needs to be - a bit Peaky Blinders until it has time to grow in a bit.
    My hands are nowhere near steady enough. If I just shave it down I could probably manage that. Anything else is no go.

    Just don't do what I did straight out of high school. Me: "Veet is for sensitive areas so it should be fine to use on my head". Veet smiling slightly: "So you have chosen death"
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    High - Passport sent off for renewal, pretty quick as DHL says it should arrive on Monday.

    Extra High - Can have a bday party this year.

    Extra Extra High - Getting a 50% discount on a CGC book I want from the LCS, will save me a couple thousand.
    PSN ID - Ibuki-Lord

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