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Thread: Kill Assists and Suppression ribbons

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    Default Kill Assists and Suppression ribbons

    Since the update, I seem to be getting allot more kill assists and suppression ribbons than I use to. Before I didn't have 1 suppression ribbon, now I'm almost on my 2nd medal?, so either my aim has become KK or the update lowered the damage when shooting an enemy on the body. I also considered the recoil update, which will definitely add to my problem.

    It feels allot more difficult to kill someone, except if you manage to get a head shot.

    Just me or is there someone on the forum who agrees?

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    They fixed the suppressive effect in the last patch. Its more pronounced with the Squad Bonus. So the shots you were previously missing and not suppressing are now suppressing.

    Alternatively your aim has gone for a ball of *****.

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