Logitech Hyperion Fury G402 mouse review



HyperionFury-2 (630x470)

This mouse is extremely light. I didn’t realise it at first, but moving back to my old mouse felt like I was dragging around a lead weight. Combine that with the Hyperion Fury’s low-friction feet, and you have a mouse that glides around on a mouse pad extremely smoothly.

The Hyperion Fury boasts DPI from 240 to 4,000. There are two buttons next to the left mouse button that allow you to change the DPI of the mouse at any time. They are, however, just out of easy reach to prevent you from accidentally changing DPI when you meant to be doing something else.

While the G402 is ergonomically designed, and is really quite comfortable, it is definitely only for those that use their mouse right-handed. Using it left-handed is pretty awkward, plus all the previously out-of-the-way buttons are then easy to press by mistake. While the mouse is a little on the large side, I was still able to hold and use it comfortably (something that the really large gaming mouses make difficult for me). There is also a speed test to show off their Fusion Engine, as well Key Press and Key Duration Heat Map tracking.

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The mouse can be used as a normal mouse without downloading Logitech’s special software, but if you really want to unlock the power of the mouse you’ll want to get the drivers off their website. With the software, you can reassign six of the Hyperion Fury’s buttons, including the mouse wheel. There are even options to program in key presses or macros into each of the buttons. The “sniper” button’s usefulness will depend on how many FPS games you play, as it , as can be imagined, lowers DPI while depressed, allowing for precision for headshots.

A cute little feature that the software also provides is the option to adjust the light-up “G” that’s on top of the mouse, including how often it pulses and when it goes to sleep. You can even turn that light off entirely if you like. While this seems like a gimmick at first, I can see it being useful if I wanted to leave my PC on and reduce the number of distracting lights coming off it.

It is a pretty solid mouse at a good price that is hidden in a somewhat cheap looking finish.


  • Lightweight. Comfortable size.


  • Right-handed only. Software is spartan.


Value - 8
Performance - 7
Features - 8

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