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NudeAudio has released three Bluetooth speakers in its Move range: the L (large), M (medium) and S (small). Each speaker is designed to be portable, and includes a nylon carrying cord and silicon exterior to protect against bumps. As you can see, they’re pretty cute too, sporting a simple design with rounded edges.

Nude Move L (R1,000)

The L is the largest speaker of the range but it is still small and light enough to be portable. While you definitely won’t be fitting it into your pocket, it’s easy enough to move around the house. It features two front speakers and a bass-boosting speaker in the back which noticeably improves the overall sound quality and volume. It charges via a normal power cable, and has an impressive 8-hour battery life. It has a simple interface with an on/off switch, volume controls and a Bluetooth connection button on the top. The on/off button and the Bluetooth button have different coloured lights to help you spot them without having to squint at the rather tiny buttons to see which is which. You can also plug in audio devices that lack Bluetooth. At around R1,000, it’s quite a bit more expensive than its brothers, but a good choice if the other two don’t have enough bass for your needs.

Nude Move M (R600)

The Move M is the next size down in the Move range. It lacks the bass-boost of the L, but makes up for it with impressive sound quality for its modest size. It too is maybe a little too big to fit in your pocket, but it is light and durable like all the speakers in this range, and still small enough to plop down just about anywhere. The speaker is also loud enough to be heard in the next room. It also offers a handy speakerphone feature that the L and S lack. This one charges through USB and also boasts and impressive 8-hour battery life. At R600, the M probably has the best price-to-sound-quality ratio of the range. The one I tested cut out rather frequently, and dropped the first second or so of each song, which was a bit odd. However, this seems to have been a unique case.

Nude Move S (R350)

The Move S is a mini version of the M that it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It too charges via USB with the same impressive 8-hour battery life, and produces good sound quality for its size, almost comparable to that of the M. This one is definitely the most portable of the three, and at R350, offers good value for money. It is great for when you want to listen to something on your phone, but don’t want to use headphones. It also makes for much better sound when watching a TV show on your tablet in bed.

The Nude Move range offers good sound quality at affordable prices, with something to suit a variety of budgets and size requirements. Visit for more information.


  • Good sound quality for size of speaker | Durable and portable


Value - 7.5
Performance - 7.5
Features - 7.5
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