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Ubisoft issues instant bans for racist slurs in Rainbow Six Siege chat

Homophobes and racists can go find another game to play.

Mega Man X Legacy Collections have an optional easy mode

Who doesn't like more options?

It might just be a fan film, but we finally got Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

A dream finally comes true for Fillion fans.

The Warriors of Light will soon face the King of the Sky in FF:XIV

A new dragon awaits on the 7th of August.

New features discovered in Silent Hill 2, 17 years later

A classic so haunted that it still holds secret buried deep within it.

Playing free-to-play and losing my ship made me enjoy EVE Online again

In space, no-one can hear your scream as you lose a ship... unless you are on voice chat.

New monetisation mechanic test for PUBG comes to an end, and it seems to have worked

After all the players' rants about its levelling system, PUBG Corp. answers by dishing out free XP for everyone.

Aliens: Colonial Marines’ rubbish AI was because of a single typo in the code

A spelling mistake was but one of the reasons why this game was a ducking mess.

GT Sport has been played by over five million players now

After a slow launch, free updates, cars and tracks have gone a long way to improve GT Sport.

P.T. remake gets canned by Konami, offers the creator an internship

No P.T. remake, but Konami weren't meanies about it.

Amplitude Studios has a fiery surprise for Endless Legend

Meanwhile, we are here huddling in blankets like it is the Aurigan winter.

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