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Video: Here is 14 minutes of fresh Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gameplay

There is no way that 14 minutes will tide you over for three weeks, but it is going to have to do.

Five times we were horrible to NPCs, who probably didn’t deserve it

Sometimes we want to be the hero, but sometimes we punish those beneath us for absolutely no reason.

Rumour: looks like motion capture work is well underway for GTA VI

And so the GTTA VI rumour mill gets going...

Capcom will fix Chun-Li’s face with a day one patch

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's Chun-Li and others will be getting some work done with Capcom's beautifier patch.

PlayStation Plus in August is explosive

There is a great mix of both AAA and indie games in August, so best you make space on your PS4, PS3 or Vita.

Blizzard is ramping up Overwatch’s penalties for bad behaviour

Be careful if you are naughty, because Blizzard is ramping up against toxic players.

The Nintendo Switch is really starting to pick up momentum

Nintendo has a great fiscal quarter thanks to Switch adoption rates.



Review: Hey! PIKMIN (3DS)

Hey! PIKMIN removes some of the best elements of the Pikmin franchise, and suffers for it.

A new Fortnite trailer released alongside the early access launch

Build defences and kick zombie butt in the new trailer for the early access game Fortnite.

Hands-on: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 online beta

We run the servers ragged to see if there's been any improvements over Konami's previous installment.

Developer Illfonic assures fans they have not abandoned Friday the 13th

The developer assures fans that the game won't be ignored and left to die like Jason was by the counselors.

The Burning Question: What was the first game you purchased with your own money?

At some point in your life you stop getting mom and dad to buy you your games and instead buy it yourself. What was that first game you bought with your own mon...


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