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The Burning Question: What is the most excited you’ve ever been for a game or console launch?

We've all had our moments of being so excited that we can't contain ourselves. What was yours?

New Battlefront II patch fixes the hero and villain balance

A new patch will bring balance to this forced pun.

Livestream: Love is in the air and so is my grenade

Bullet for my valentine.

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s long sword

If you want to hunt well, you need to need to know how your weapons work.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance bug fixes expected in the next two weeks

Warhorse Studios is working on fixing those bugs, but it will take a bit of time.

Rumour: Spyro the Dragon flaming his way back onto the PS4

Excitedly shaking in your Gnorc-boots yet? Spyro is back!

Check out the City of Goldpaw, Ni No Kuni II’s gambling den

A haven for gamblers and a taste of the game's music.



Review: Pop-Up Pilgrims (PSVR)

Are you ready to be a Cloud God? Your Pilgrims need you!

Multiplayer mechanics detailed for Code Vein

You will be able to request assistance from others to ensure your efforts aren't in vein.

Sony survey suggests that PSN name changes may be coming soon

Regret that tag you created when you were 14? It might finally be time to be rid of it.

Hideki Kamiya reminds everyone why Bayonetta has become a Nintendo exclusive

Quit your crying, Bayonetta 3 has a reason for being exclusive to Nintendo.



Review: SteelSeries Apex M750 Mechanical keyboard

My heart is an aluminium alloy.


What's more important for the graphics in the games you play: Resolution or Framerate?

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