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Video: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round at 1080P and 60FPS

Tecmo are killing us with all these various Dead or Alive 5 releases (as they once did with Dead or Alive 2) and this HD remake is about to add to the number. T...

Rumour: Microsoft cut ties with Phantom Dust developer

Last year at E3 Microsoft showed off what would ultimately be a reboot of a franchise once loved by many – Phantom Dust. The game was deep into developmen...



Review: Supreme League of Patriots (PC)

A point and click adventure that goes from irreverent to following a character you can't sympathise with.



Review: Saints Row IV: Re-elected

The best Super Hero game in years

Finally there’s an official Just Cause 3 teaser trailer

Being a teaser trailer you can’t expect to see too much. To be blatantly honest, you’ll get to see more in these screenshots that recently leaked on...

Are video game review scores needed?

So this is the big topic at the moment in the gaming world what with some big publications dropping review scores completely for a different kind of ranking sys...

SA Gamer Character Battle 2015 – Battle 2!

The Character Battle of 2015 is underway and yesterday we saw a closely fought contest between some great characters showing just how tight it’s all going...

Forever alone? Trade Pokémon with yourself!

You need to catch them all right? RIGHT? Pepijn de Vos has been questing for 17 years for all the Pokémon and thanks to an Arduino, he set-up a way to trade wit...

Over 14 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay footage

The month of May feels so far away and I have bad news for you, the below video is not going to help you in that regard. We’ve all seen footage of The Wit...



Review: Evolve (Xbox One)

Evolve takes online action into uncharted territory, but does it revolutionize?

1 Million Concurrent Users Play Dota 2

Dota 2 has broken the 1 million mark for concurrent users over this past weekend. What exactly does this mean? Well, this basically means that 1 million people ...

Video Review: Evolve (Xbox One)

  Are you still on the fence about the 4 vs. 1 mechanic in this online multiplayer game? We’ve spent lots of time with the game and can now give you ...

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