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Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma first screenshot

6 years ago we were all introduced to Afro Samurai. A samurai with a blood thirst for decapitations… and teddy bears. Anime fans would have been well awar...

Cluster is a local free game that costs a lot of time

Who wants a free game? Wait, who doesn’t want a free game? Cluster is a race against time, a speedy, noisy game that involves you controlling a little spa...

Does the lifespan of a game warrant the price tag these days?

  Believe it or not, but older games were, contrary to popular believe, much shorter than the experiences we generally get with modern games today. Yes, so...

Super 2-Bit Plays: Sports Friends

I really have no idea where David finds these games. In fact, worries me that he finds it appealing. All I know is that Jarred got roped in to play some weird f...



Review: Hand of Fate (PC)

A roguelike action-RPG hidden away in a deck of cards is just as exciting as it sounds.



Review: Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC (PS4)

The Bright Lord is a fine return to Mordor, but not as Bright as you might hope.

SA Gamer Character Battle 2015 – Battle 11

It’s week 3 of our epic character battle and this week promises even more closely fought contests. Friday was a bit of a quiet one with the Prince of Pers...

Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Coming Soon

So. You’re enjoying Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Of course you are. Well, here’s some great news for all the MH4U fans out there. There is a newly ann...

Sonic games won’t be discontinued for consoles

Not that I’m all that sure we want Sonic games on console anymore, but according to Sonic Team’s, Takashi Iizuka, Sonic games will still see life on...

Video: Mortal Kombat Story Trailer

If there’s one thing that the last Mortal Kombat outing nailed it was a story. Playing through the story mode shed some light on the events of the various...

Xenoblade Chronicles X blames it on the weather

In the latest footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Monolith Soft shows off the game’s differing day and night sequences as well as the various weather conditions ...

Unleash the horde! Havoc DLC delayed for PC

Xbox One owners have been playing the new Havoc DLC for Advanced Warfare for nearly a month already. The new DLC includes four new multiplayer maps and the exce...


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