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The Gamers Den – We look at what’s wrong with the Japanese developers

The Japanese industry has been under some pressure of late to perform with even Capcom struggling under the weight. Today the panel discusses the situation and ...

Here is the best Sonic game since Sonic CD #notreally

Whenever you hear the word ‘Sonic’ it generally coincides with ‘puke’ and ‘death’. The days when Sonic wow’d us with h...



Review: Football Manager Classic 2014 (Vita)

If the PC version of Football Manager 2014 is a home game then Football Manager Classic 2014 on the Vita provides a solid away performance.

Skyrim gets the next gen treatment with this new mod

Modding is one of the great perks to PC gaming. Some of the creations the modding community have come up with for games, have surpassed even the wildest dreams ...

Catch the Latest Sale

Everyone, I’d like to welcome you to Friday. Let’s celebrate this momentous occasion by buying a few discounted games. There are some remarkable sales running a...

Games Left For 2014 (Part V), Is That a Far Cry?

So here we are at the end of the week. I have already detailed 20+ games over the last few days that will be heading to consoles and that PC thing this year. Th...

So you think Nintendo’s in trouble? How wrong you are.

With the lacklustre reception for the Wii U everyone jumped on the ‘Nintendo is going down in fire’ bandwagon. Most people tend to forget that they&...

Super 2-Bit – a UFC Parody

With a new month comes a new Super 2-Bit Parody. This time David and Eben put their lives on the line as they enter the octagon to take on some scary-looking fi...

Here’s what’s hot on the SA Gamer forum this week!

I’m sure most of you will know that SA Gamer has a massive forum. Likely the largest gaming community in South Africa. If you’re looking for a place...

Top 30 games to play on PS3 before switching to PS4 (Complete list)

After what we’ve all experienced at E3 this year it’s obvious that the current generation is now all but claimed the throne. So, before you make the...

Here, have a 60FPS Battlefield: Hardline trailer

Gone are the days where YouTube only showed gameplay footage at 30FPS. Battlefield: Hardline becomes the first video to test it at 60FPS. Right now users won...



Intel 730 240GB SSD review

A 7-series from Intel that isn't for workstation or enterprise level consumers. What does it offer to enthusiasts?


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