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It’s Sale Friday!

Welcome back folks to another week of game sales. The sales have not changed up all that much this week, though you might want to check out the many new sales i...

Want Some Battlefield Hardline Beta Action?

A funny thing happened last night, there I was sitting around with Dawid and David getting ready to check out a certain mode on a shooter when Dawid starts laug...

Bioware discuss the making of Dragon Age: Inquisition

EA have released a behind-the-scenes Dragon Age: Inquisition video that delves into what it takes to make a successful RPG. Bioware’s General Manager; Aar...

PlayStation Plus in February does not disappoint

Yesterday we released the Xbox Games with Gold titles for February, which has nothing to write home about, and now it’s Sony’s turn to once again sh...

Video: We destroy the undead in CoD Exo Zombies mode

David recently got his hands on the Exo Zombies mode that comes with the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC. He’s got this thing for destroying zombie...

Is CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC Justified Value?

So David and I have been discussing the Zombies mode for CoD and we want your thoughts. As it stands the mode costs R600 to get the full thing. It kind of relea...



Review: Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4)

Pushing Daisy's takes a whole new meaning in Grim Fandango. Are you ready for a four year trip through the Land of the Dead?



COUGAR 700K keyboard review

A keyboard with a comfy WASD wrist rest makes for a happy gamer.

EA Access members, you have free Battlefield 4 goodies

EA Access is exclusive to Xbox One members at this time and if you’re subscribed to the service you’ll have something Battlefield 4 related waiting ...

Bioshock creator hints at new sci-fi FPS

When the Irrational Games split up it came as a bit of a shock to gamers around the world. Where would we get our next Bioshock-like fix? The good news is that ...

Offworld Trading Company is an RTS about making money

RTS games are a love-affair of mine, even though I am pretty terrible at them when it comes to multiplayer. Most of them involve crushing your enemies with tank...

Quantic Dream launches new site with awesome behind scenes videos

The guys who brought you the incredible Heavy Rain, the so-so Beyond: Two Souls and that spiffy-looking PS4 tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer, launched a brand new w...


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