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Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4)

Is this the Final Fantasy we've been waiting for?

SA Gamer Character Battle – Round 2, Battle 1

Hello gamers and welcome to Round 2 of our Character Battle where we have all the winners of the previous round contest for the final battle which will take pla...

Arkham Knight to be dubbed in Japanese

There’s a first time for everything. In this instance the “first time” refers to the first game in the Arkham series to be dubbed in Japanese....

Jarred vs. David: A Battle of Sleep

We have something fun going on the site this week, a challenge if you will between myself and that noob David. It all came about when David told me he was playi...

8 minutes of the PS4 2.50 firmware update in action

The upcoming PS4 2.50 firmware update has been used by Beta users and a chap called, TehPoisonOne on Reddit, uploaded a video that showcases the various improve...

Xbox boss thinks that VR is still trying to find its market

All you see these days is VR this and VR that, with Mircosoft’s Hololens thrown in for good measure. One thing that is for sure is that there are absolute...

Keiji Inafune’s 3DS game gets sent to scrap heap

The man behind Mega Man just had his latest game cancelled by publisher Marvelous. The publisher released a press release stating it lost around $3.8 million on...

Manny Sanchez predicts the outcome of March games

As we told you in the previous episode, the recording takes place in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Mexico, hence Manny Sanchez cassette tape got delivered ...



Review: Titan Attacks! (3DS)

Are you ready to attack the Titans?



Review: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (PC)

Ubisoft's latest PC port is a fun romp through fresh territory that deserved a heftier graphics upgrade.

SA Gamer Character Battle 2015 – Battle 20

Battle 19 is officially over and Agent 47 got the hit that he was looking for. GLaDOS entered the wrong portal arriving in second place while Miltank mooooooooo...

We may have ourselves a new Command and Conquer

The Command and Conquer series has been dormant for some time now. There was a ray of hope when a new version of the game was announced a few years ago, but the...


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