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Review: PDP LVL50 Wireless Stereo Headset (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)



Buying the right headset can be a tricky business. You’re after that experience that won’t get in your way or hamper you by requiring you to fiddle with too much to get the best out of your time with it. That’s where the PDP LVL50 steps in. It’s simple to use, affordable and is completely wireless.

Design and Build

The first word that’ll come to mind when holding it in your hands is ‘sleek’. There is nothing overly fancy about it. There are no spiffy metal bits to be found anywhere as the entire casing is made out of plastic that has a ‘soothing to the eye’ coat of grey and black. The breathable nylon-mesh 50mm ear cushions wrap around your ears with ease and don’t push on to your head as hard as other headsets do. It’s still firm, it’s not going to move all over the show, but thanks to the lightweight (just over 300 grams) you’ll soon forget that you have anything on your head – which is exactly what you would be striving for. The blue material on the inside of the cups, as well as some visible wiring, also bring in a nice aesthetic finish to it. The adjustable headband is cushioned and, combined with those comfy ear cushions, is perfect for a long session of gaming.

Attached to the side of it is a noise-cancelling microphone that’ll activate once you fold it down towards your mouth. It’s also flexible, so you can set the microphone up to your desired placement. It’s definitely not the highest end microphone I’ve seen to date, but it does the job if you plan to play online with friends in a game or two. You also won’t find an excessive amount of buttons or bits to fidget with as you merely have a power and mode button. Your volume is controlled via a manual knob, which is much more accurate than pressing those inaccurate buttons. It’s also easier to ‘feel’ your way to the knob that it is to figure out whether you’re pushing the right or wrong buttons.


Thanks to the simplicity attached to the headset you really only have two choices – the default sound (pure audio) and bass boost. This comes down to your personal choice. Obviously, the bass boost will enhance action-based games with explosions and the like, so it’s probably a good idea to opt for that mode if you feel like losing yourself in an epic action-adventure title. By default, the sound is crisp and clear. Not once did my sound drop. Considering that it’ll receive the sound from up to 12 metres away, it’s quite impressive.

The only drawback is that this is not something for someone who wants the best sound can offer. You’re not going to get any special surround sound mode here. It’s a simple stereo setup. If that is all you desire then this will be close to perfect.


  • 50mm High-Definition stereo drivers
  • Works wirelessly via USB dongle up to 40 feet
  • Flexible noise-cancelling mic
  • Weighs 0.7 lbs (317 grams)
  • Battery lasts up to 16 hours
  • Licensed by Sony


The beauty about the PSP LVL50 is that it’s an officially-licensed PlayStation 4 product. It says on the box that it’s merely compatible with the PS4, but that’s not quite the case. Plug the USB receiver into your PC, Switch or Xbox One and you’ll be enjoying everything it has to offer. Connecting it for the first time requires you to pair the dongle to the headset, but once that is done you can plug it into any console and PC and it’ll automatically pick up that the headset is being used. It’s the perfect headset for newcomers who really do not want to mess about with an enormous amount of options. In fact, once I had the headset out of the box, charged and in my hands, it was set up within two minutes.

Another cool feature is that it’ll mute the volume on your television as soon as it’s activated, so no need to turn down the volume on your TV when playing with your headset on. In terms of battery life it’ll last you close to 16 hours on one charge. The built-in battery charges via a USB cable that is included in the package out of the box. So, no messing around with rechargeable batteries.


The PDP Level 50 knows exactly what it wants to be – a simple-to-set-up wireless stereo headset that comes with basic, but quality sound. If you’re the owner of multiple consoles and perhaps a PC that would like an affordable wireless solution in your life, then I highly recommend you consider this headset. At the retail price of R1,899, you’re not going to get a wireless solution with such simplicity and quality for much cheaper.


  • Affordable wireless setup
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Sound is crisp and clear
  • Easy setup


  • You won't get much more than a stereo solution
  • If you hate charging stuff this is not for you
  • Very limited equaliser (two options in total)


It's the perfect solution for someone who would love an affordable wireless headset, but doesn't want to be bothered with endless fidgeting. It'll work on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One and you'll have it setup up in a blink of an eye. It screams simplicity and quality.


Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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