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There have been many great Telltale games in the past from the Walking Dead Series to even Jurassic Park – yes it wasn’t that bad. I have always loved the way that Telltale handle decision making in their games. You get a few seconds to reacted to a situation and then you spend the rest of your evening tossing and turning wondering how your choices will come back to bite you.

So are you seeing anyone?

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The latest Telltale game is based within the Batman universe and will see you play as everyone’s favourite playboy billionaire – Bruce Wayne. There have been many Batman games before Batman: The Telltale Series, but they have all mostly focused on the physical side of Batman, punching and interrogating bad guys, but with this being a Telltale game things are handled very differently. Batman: The Telltale Series makes you fight with your words more often than your fists and in doing so gives you a great insight into the Dark Knight’s life when he is not sporting the cowl. In traditional Telltale fashion the series is broken down into five episodes. The first episode – Realm of Shadows does a good job in getting you used to the combat system which is basically just quick-time events except they are well executed – but perhaps a little too forgiving if you are off by a second or two. Many of the decisions you make in Episode 1 will determine the outcome for the next episode, and those thereafter. Some choices that you feel are the right ones have a tendency to actually have the worst outcomes – very sneaky Telltale, but I like it.

Would you like the caviar or the shrimp?

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Episode 2: Children of Arkham, is far more enjoyable as it gets a little darker and throws in a few twist and turns. Although shorter than the first episode I did enjoy the new dynamic that lets you approach a situation as either Batman or Bruce Wayne, letting you decide to use brawn or brains to try get leverage in a particular situation. Episode 3: New World Order focuses much more on Bruce as a character and was enjoyable but I did worry that my choices would not affect the ending – a problem I had with the first Walking Dead game where your decisions really didn’t affect the ending at all.

Alfred the internet is down again

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Moving on to Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham surprises you with a special cameo from a very famous face within the DC universe and leaves you with some big choices to make – choices I do believe had bearing on the ending of the game unlike previous Telltale titles. At the end of the episode you could cut the tension in the air with a batarang and you will want to desperately dive into the final 5th episode – City of Light, to see if you made the right choices because there are several endings and they are not all good.

Jason Bourne eat your heart out

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As a Telltale game goes this is the best game visually they have ever released. Sadly optimisation seems slightly off and I often experienced frame rate issues during the game which was surprising because you certainly don’t need a beefy rig to run it. Other than the odd spike of poor performance I really enjoyed the experience and being able to dive deeper into the character of Bruce Wayne, which the game does very well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in this game?


Batman: The Telltale Series proves once again that Telltale are still one of the best game development companies at doing what they do best, telling tales, and keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the 5 episodes. Well, the game didn’t pull at my heart strings like the Walking Dead series did, fans of Batman and the other popular DC characters won’t be disappointed with Telltales take on the various heroes. The first episode of the game is free on Steam so if you want to try it out to see if it might be your cup of tea I would highly recommend doing so.



  • Riveting storytelling | Surprisingly good combat | Telltales best-looking game yet


  • Frame rate drops | Won't pull at your heartstrings


To punch you in the face, or ask you nicely?


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 8
Audio - 7
Gratification - 7
Value for money - 7
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