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Review: Beat Saber Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 (PSVR)



It often surprises me that Beat Saber has such an immensely strong presence and has had unheard of levels of success in the VR market and the game only initially released with 10 songs. The PSVR version bumped that up to 16 songs that include a few platform exclusive songs and we got a couple of extra free tracks thrown in to sweeten the pot as well. However, the differences between the PSVR and the PC version of the game is something you can’t ignore.

The PC version has one major advantage in the form of user made custom songs. You can upload a version of Baby Shark to your game that some kind soul out there has charted and made playable. Your potential library expansion is more or less unlimited and most of the time you didn’t have to pay a dime. PSVR obviously can’t do any of this, but they can release custom song packs to keep the community satiated.

The first of presumably many song packs comes to us in the form of Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1. It includes 10 additional songs that you can add to your list. Considering the original PSVR line-up is just 16 songs, you can potentially almost double your song library size just with this pack.

Let’s boogie

This review will be a short one because everything about Beat Saber has been said already in my original review for the game. The lightsaber box cutting rhythm game is still as excellent as ever and nothing has changed in this regard. This review will instead focus on the songs that are on offer and how they enhance the game experience.

Firstly, in preparation for the songs, Beat Saber got an update that did some changes to the game’s already pretty good UI. It’s mostly quality of life upgrades such as being able to filter songs by the pack or “era” they belong to, there are more options in the menus and just in general the basic UI has seen a little overhaul to make it look even prettier. These were all welcome additions to the game, but they were available to anyone with the base game.

All of the songs in the Monstercat Music Pack are, predictably, made by Monstercat who is a Canada-based independent electronic dance music record label. The artists featured here all appear on the label and the songs that have been chosen all seem to fit the Beat Saber aesthetic. It’s tough to really put your finger on the genre of all these songs as they are all so different.

You get traditional EDM tracks that share a lot of similarities to the original setlist in the sense that they’re 2-3 minute long bangers. But then you get songs that just completely transcend the genre barrier and becomes much more dubious. The song Overkill is a shining example of this as the track goes from heavy metal to dubstep to hardcore drum & bass. All these songs seek to capture the Beat Saber feel and they fit in so well with the game’s aesthetic that it’s almost too perfect.

The insides of my eyes are sweating

That’s it for genre, what about feel? I have played Beat Saber obsessively since its release and I even started making it daily routine for work out purposes. I have A ranks or better for every song on the original setlist and the extra tracks and when I jumped into these songs, my skills were really put to the test. Some of them I just outright failed quite a few times because they threw patterns at me that I’ve never seen before.

If you think the difficult new patterns would be a turn-off, you would be completely wrong. This complexity and fresh new note patterns make this pack extremely compelling to the regular Beat Saber player. I was so pumped up by some of these tracks that I was literally jumping up and down and dancing like a mad lunatic even if that’s a significant strategic disadvantage. They’re just so much fun that I have to.

Dance, boy, dance

I loved every single song even if some of them are stronger than others and I played them so much that I ended up running through the whole list about three times trying to up my ranks on Expert.

Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 reinvigorates the game just as the original setlist started to become stale. It brings exactly enough to the table to be worthwhile and if you’re a fan of Beat Saber, these songs will be one heck of a time. A lot of these songs have become my favourites now and will probably be in heavy rotation during my daily Beat Saber workout session.

I was so pumped up by some of these tracks that I was literally jumping up and down and dancing like a mad lunatic.

This was honestly the perfect DLC for the game and I can’t find ways in which they could do better. More songs obviously would be welcome, but 10 is a sizable number considering a lot of the game’s longevity comes from you actually mastering the songs and getting the highest scores. The individual quality of the songs depends entirely on you and for me they were excellent songs of varying genres that still adhere to the futuristic Beat Saber aesthetic.

You can make the argument that Beat Saber should deviate away from the dance music and go into more experimental routes, but the Monstercat pack can be seen as an incredibly strong bolster to the existing content pushing the game up to new levels. What happens next will be the interesting part.

This is the simplest review ever. If you have Beat Saber, you should definitely get this pack. It’s relatively cheap, it has the same amount of songs as the base game and every song is just an absolute banger. You can’t go wrong.


  • Excellent variety in tracks
  • Absolute bangers that made me dance and jump around
  • Fits into the Beat Saber style perfectly
  • Ambitious songs that push things to the next level
  • New patterns are wonderful to learn and eventually conquer


  • Song quality really depends on personal taste


Beat Saber's first official music pack does exactly what it aimed to do and more. It brings us 10 heavy hitting and dance-worthy bangers that each deliver a new experience to the Beat Saber aficionado. With its relatively cheap price and the value you get from potentially mastering these songs, it's a complete no brainer. If you have Beat Saber, this pack is almost a requirement.


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