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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a close-combat, melee, action, multiplayer title that takes everything acceptable from the First (or Third) person genre and paves its own way. Close-combat fighting has presented itself briefly in the recent past with titles such as Dead Island and Dying Light. The difference between these games and Chivalry is that the presence of weapons is nearly non-existent. This sets the tone for some chaotically brutal close-ranged combat that gets rather messy… in more ways than one.

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What to expect

Chivalry‘s fighting mechanics are pretty simple even though there are a variety of different inputs you can use to execute a task. Once you have completed the basic tutorial you can easily jump straight into online multiplayer combat. If you feel that you’re still not quite used to the controls you can practice in the single player mode but be warned, the AI is absolutely dreadful. Swinging attacks, jabs and overhand blows are your basic and most used attacks but this doesn’t make the parrying, shoving and blocking any less important. The most satisfying aspect of the combat is the dismembering of your inauspicious foes limbs. While rather gruesome one can’t help but see the comedic attributes to these gory attacks. More often than not the Black Knight from Monty Python comes to mind.

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Modes for MiLady

The game modes in Chivalry are what you would expect from any run-of-the-mill First Person Shooter with multiplayer aspects. Free For All mode is everyman for The player with the highest score in a given time period is the victor. Team Deathmatch features two teams that go to battle against each other. The game is over when a team loses all the resources they started with and their players are slain. The Last Team Standing mode sees the two teams fight in an arena with damaging spikes and a treacherous pit to avoid. The first team to have any warriors left after combat is crowned the winner. Not so easy when each player only has one life. There’s also the mandatory King of the Hill mode where you and your team need to hold the area for a given amount of time. This is probably one of the most enjoyable modes in the game other than the Team Objective. Team Objective pairs you into either an attacking or defending team. The attackers raid a village, set buildings on fire and cull away at the villagers. The defending team must defend their territory as well as villagers. Lastly there is arguably one of the most popular online game modes ever, Capture the Flag. Capture the flag, return to your base, rinse/repeat three times and you are the conqueror.

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It’s all about class

You have the choice between four playable classes. Each class is the same regardless of whether you are on the Blue Team (Agatha Knights) or the Red Team (The Mason Order). The most unique class would be the Archer which uses bows to attack from a distance. Archers are also able to use daggers for those panic stricken melee moments. The Man-at-Arms is the most balanced of the classes. This class uses swords, axes and maces as well as a shield. Man-at-Arms is probably my favourite of the classes. While his armour is weaker than the rest his speed allows him to generally be able to get away in an instant, providing there aren’t Archers around. Vanguards are the class that use longer weapons such as Great Swords and Thrusting Spears, which deal some heavy damage. Their downfall is that they don’t use shields which leaves them vulnerable and open to attack. Lastly there is the Knight (Hopefully not to follow the same demise as the Black Knight mentioned earlier). The knight uses large, heavy weapons such as a Long Sword and battleaxe. As you’d expect this brute might pack a punch but he is irritatingly slow.

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Is chivalry truly dead?

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is far from perfect. Nearly everything about the game is noticeably dated. This can be overlooked when looking at the bigger picture however. It comes in at a cheaper price point and is perfect for just jumping into unadulterated 12-player chaos even if it is only for a few moments. You can get away with being unskilled and simply hack away at your enemies. It’s all about fun. The levels themselves are very limited in both size and quantity but are well crafted enough for you to still enjoy the overall experience. If you enjoy a fun romp and aren’t too bothered with dated visuals and the occasional bug or two this medieval themed melee massacre shouldn’t be overlooked.


  • Gameplay | Simple Controls


  • Dated, very dated.


I don't need no Chival war...


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 6
Audio - 5
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 7

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