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After reviewing Sayonara Umihara Kawase a few months ago, not many games can surprise me when it comes to the land of the bizarre. While Crazy Construction doesn’t steal that mantle, it is in that area of weirdness, but only because of its silly narrative.

The aim of this game is simple, stack a bunch of objects until you reach a certain point without any of them falling off the side. It sounds simple, but it gets really tough, really quickly. Each chapter in the game is divided into five stages and each stage starts off with a platform. On the platform is usually a dent or opening, which makes the platform uneven. The game works similar to Tetris whereby various inanimate objects plunge from the sky, and it’s your task to guide the falling objects and place them on the platform without them falling through the holes or off the sides. Then you need to stack and balance all the objects until you reach a certain height and achieving a certain score. If you manage to get that right, you move on to the next stage.

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After you succeed in one stage the difficulty is ramped up a bit by including different “air dangers,” like moving storm clouds, horizontal tornadoes and eagles. The difficulty increases even further when you face off with the various bosses in the game. Some bosses can control the velocity of the falling objects, while others can manipulate the controls by reversing their functions. The controls themselves are very simple: the left, right and down buttons are used to move the falling objects, while the shoulder buttons rotate them left and right. Rotating them properly is pivotal if you want to balance things or slot smaller items in-between gaps for added stability.

Surprisingly the physics in the game is pretty good, which it should be considering the nature of the game. Circular objects roll off the side if the platform is elevated, cogs can roll off too, unless one of the grooves get stuck between another object. Topping too many things without strengthening the foundation will result in a massive collapse that will have you screaming on the inside. In fact, one of the things the game nails is building tension. The higher you get the more flimsy the structure, especially when you need to make really swift movements to avoid all aerial obstructions and place a TV on top six cars, a pyramid, a few bricks and a chalice. This is where the weird and crazy part kicks in.


Instead of using normal bricks to build their structures, the “Haruno Construction Company” builders use things like lamps, TVs, puddings, tempura fried shrimp, pyramids of Giza, Knight Armour, Golden Crowns, cars, motorbikes… basically EVERYTHING but, oddly, the kitchen sink. Go figure. If that’s not odd enough, all the construction workers, as well as your rival company (which is where the bosses come from), are all humanoid androids. And to add the cherry on top of the bizarre world of Crazy Construction, these builders are the “Construction workers of Justice” – I kid you not.

The game is fairly addictive and quite challenging, not to mention all the skill the game requires for last few chapters – it’s insanely tough at the end. The story is largely a nuisance and really isn’t necessary. Why it was included is beyond me. The gameplay is strong enough as is, no need to give it a narrative that’s uber silly, I mean “construction workers of justice”… really now?


A big gripe I have with the game is that there are no checkpoints between each of the stages in a chapter. If you screw up in the fifth level and fail the construction, you have to restart from the first level in the chapter.

Despite its oddness, Crazy Construction is actually a fun game to play. If Tetris and Jenga had a baby, it would be this game, but with some crazy items thrown into the mix. If you like a challenging puzzle game, then you might enjoy this game.


  • Addictive | Challenging | Fun


  • No Check Points | Silly Story


Can you build a house with knick knacks and bric a brac?


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 6
Audio - 5
Gratification - 7
Value for money - 6

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