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Did you buy Diablo 3 when it first launched on PC a few years back? Were you angry that for the first couple of days you couldn’t play the game due to connection errors because you had to always be online to play? Did the very broken auction house upset you? You were not alone in your frustrations, as many players consider Diablo 3 the weakest in the series until Blizzard released a dozen patches to rectify all these problems. It left a sour taste in many fans mouths, but things are about to taste a lot sweeter with the release of Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition.

The Diablo series has called the PC its home for many years. The announcement that Diablo 3 was coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 was a bit of surprise. Many fans wondered how the game would handle without the trusted keyboard and mouse? It turns out the fans were right, it’s not as good as using a keyboard and mouse, it’s much better. Now we have Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, and it truly feels like it was built from the ground up for console. Not only are the controls a major improvement but the camera has been zoomed in to show you more of the action. This new perspective lets you see more of the fine detail running 1080p and all at 60FPS. At first glance Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition looks like a game ported from last gen, until you are in a room full of monsters with everything around you being smashed into bits of flying debris without any slow down, a feat that even powerful PC rigs would fail to achieve.

To help you in your quest to clear out Hell’s deadliest demons are one of six characters, including the new addition of the Crusader, which is only in the Ultimate Evil Edition. Each character has unique abilities such as the Barbarian that is better suited for players that enjoy their brawlers, while the wizard offers a host of ranged attacks that can be devastating if used correctly. Each character can upgrade their unique skills by gaining XP and you can increase your character stats by equipping various armour and weapon items you find while looting. Character stats are the heart and soul of Diablo, it’s all about trying to get the best combination of items to boost the skills that your character use. For instance you wouldn’t want to worry about boosting ‘Intelligence’ while playing as a Barbarian, as that skill is more suited for a character with magic abilities.

Fine tuning all these stats is half the fun in Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, and eventually you will have a powerful character to take down Diablo, who of course returns to try and take revenge once again. After a falling star crashes down in New Tristram, strange things start to happen to the land, such as the dead rising from the ground. You team up with fan favourite Deckard Cain and Leah to investigate the fallen star, and soon things escalate when your party and a mysterious stranger quest on to cleanse the land of evil. However since this is the Ultimate Evil Edition you will also be able to play the Reaper of Souls expansion pack and try retrieve the stolen Soul Stone from the Reaper himself. Both stories are thoroughly enjoyable and are all tied together nicely through Blizzards famous cinematic’s that are easily some of the best in the industry.

Dungeon crawlers like Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition are usually more fun with friends. Drop in and out co-op is available for up to four players locally and online. Playing local co-op will test friendships as most of the loot usable by both characters, however in online co-op both players will only see loot specific for them so there will be less bickering and trading of items. Other improvements include the Nemesis system that will see a monster that kills you, then invades your friend list and jumps into your friends games. If they manage to kill the monster that killed you they get a nice loot drop. If they themselves get killed the monster becomes more powerful and jumps to the next friend that owns the game. Even when you finish the game you can tackle it again on a harder difficulty if you haven’t reached your level cap, so there is incentive to keep playing. There is also the adventure mode that lets you complete optional bounties and travel to any act in the game and a perm death hard-core mode if you feel like you can take on hells armies with just one life.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is packed with content that could easily stretch your playtime over the one hundred hour mark. Its gameplay is incredibly addictive, even more so than it was on the PC thanks to the improved controls. The bottom line is that Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is the game fans were hoping that the first version of Diablo 3 would be. All the refinement over the years from Blizzard has finally paid off as the end result feels like it could be the best game in the series. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is the dungeon crawler console gamers have been waiting for. Just make sure you have cleared you schedule for the next few months before picking it up.




  • Highly addictive gameplay | Improved controls | Plenty of content


  • Trying to kick your co-op buddy out your house at 2am is no easy task


Stock up the energy drinks and will need them.


Gameplay - 10
Visuals - 9
Audio - 8
Gratification - 10
Value for money - 10

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  • Trebzz

    I skipped last weeks comp cause I thought this game was foolish and I regretted it ever since :/ watched a few people post some share videos and the game looks amazing. I also managed to watch your lets play and I yeah looks like I’ll have to pick this up some time.

    • Dian Fourie


    • Jarred

      Dude, I have always thought like that, but after a few hours playing I just want more and more and more. Honestly, such an insanely addictive game. I NEED IT!

  • Dian Fourie

    I have never played a Diablo game. I reaaallly wanna see how it works and stuff. Cannot really imagine it

    • David Kozlowski

      It really is an amazing game that has come a long way since the PC version, here is a glimpse of the gameplay if u missed it,

      • Dian Fourie

        Hehe I did watch. But I wanna like play for a day and see whats up. Cause I know the gameplay but the general purpose and feel is still a mystery

        • David Kozlowski

          Take a leap of faith and pick it up 😉 Its a goody. Maybe try the first version that hit consoles to get an idea, second hand copies should be cheap by now.

  • Jarred

    Thanks for the review man. As you know, I have never quite been sold on Diablo, but now I am dying to buy it and play it some more. So much fun!

    • David Kozlowski

      We shall jam many co-op hours man….hopefully 😉

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