Review: Dying Light DLC – Cuisine and Cargo (Xbox One)

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Very recently I reviewed Dying Light and while it was not without its problems I considered it a great entry into my collection. This is particularly considering my dislike, or rather inability, to play horror survival zombie themed games. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Then I received the DLC to review and my dislike for DLC in general is probably much higher than my dislike for horror survival and so I entered playing The Cargo and Cuisine DLC with much skepticism. Question is, should I have been skeptical or was this to be another surprise. Find out after this break.

[Insert exciting music here]


Welcome back, now being DLC I am not going to rehash aspects of the full game. The graphics, mechanics, sound and so on is exactly the same. The DLC is simply two extra missions within the main game. The one mission is called the Holy Year Tunnel and the other is called the Three Moons Restaurant.

Both missions take place in areas that were originally closed off, supposedly at the early days of the outbreak. However, that actually has zero bearing on anything to do with the mission.

In fact, the missions are mostly utterly pointless if I am honest and why they don’t just appear as side quests as part of the game is beyond me. In fact, they weren’t even as good or as fun as many of the sidequests that were part of the game.


In the Holy Year Tunnel mission you are required to go to some underground, dilapidated rail station because it is infested with zombies and there are open manholes there. You go into this area and realize it is no joke. There are 100’s of these undead things. Once you slash away around 20 of them you can proceed to the manholes with a bit more ease. You then have to jump up to this craters which are conveniently hanging above the manhole, knock it down and block the manhole. You do this 4 times and then you are asked to clear out the nest which means kill something like 100 + zombies.

The mission is quite difficult but if you are skilled enough and levelled up enough you can complete it in around 20 minutes max. I wouldn’t recommend taking it on without at least getting your grapple hook. It’s still not that challenging and why this is included as DLC is completely beyond me. The reward isn’t even that great and it adds nothing to the story.

The second mission barely improves the case for the DLC. In this mission you go to some old restaurant to collect some packs. There are a ton of cheap scares (which got me sweating a bit I won’t lie) but the gameplay is exactly the same as the rest of the game. You pretty much go through the restaurant which has a few levels, look for these packs, kill zombies along the way and get the hell out of there.


The mission was again another 20 minutes or so, was less challenging and once more added absolutely nothing of value to the story or to the game. I am actually a little shocked that this DLC costs around R50 for two missions that have absolutely no bearing on anything. (In fact, I think you have to buy the Season Pass which is about R200 to get these missions)

If you have zero sidequests left, have finished the game and are absolutely desperate for something else to do in the world then perhaps you will find that the DLC satisfies your craving for another 40 minutes. If I am totally honest you might as well start the game again and do one of the included missions, they are far more worthwhile.


  • Er... it's challenging?


  • It's short and pretty ordinary l Adds nothing to the game


Dying Light DLC Cuisine and Cargo is definitely no shining light


Gameplay - 6.5
Visuals - 7
Audio - 7
Gratification - 4.5
Value for money - 4
  • D4RKL1NG

    Fucking DLC already and here I am still staring at my pre order for the disc version

    • I’m sorry, but I had to laugh. So backwards.

    • Jarred

      Haha, well at least you now know not to bother with the season pass for it.

    • Trebzz

      Brah how can you say fuck on this site? Those words along with Kak aren’t allowed brah 😛 reports comment

      • D4RKL1NG

        Using the word “Brah” is more offensive than fuck & kak combined


  • TechniKyle

    Wow, so not going to buy the season pass… Also, I agree with Martin, DLC is out before the damn disc version? Urgh, this wait is so annoying.

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