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“Good day reader. How has your day been? What’s that? You’re thinking of taking your next adventure in my part of the world? I’m glad you chose Kyrat for your next outing. The tropical paradise and African adventure setting was great, but it’s time to test yourself in a new terrain. Before you head off it’s probably a good idea that we take a quick selfie. There you go. Now, how about you sit down, listen to what I have to say… and then we’ll decide if you live or die.” – Pagan Min.


The Tyrant

Pagan Min, the charming, yet relentless self-proclaimed king, is not your everyday guy. Unlike Vaas in Far Cry 3 he’s exceptionally intelligent and has brainwashed all of Kyrat under his rule. He’s the kind of guy that will invite you to dinner, have you pay for everything and make you believe that you should sacrifice yourself for his beliefs. His charisma combined with his lust for power makes him a very confrontational villain and the setting in Kyrat suits him down to the T, and you can’t spell Tyrant without it. You’ll play as Ajay Ghale who’s on a mission to scatter his moms ashes. Knowing that she has a history with the fictional region, based in the Himalayas, he heads off to honour her wishes. Early on you bump into Pagan Min’s forces and not long thereafter you’re escaping from his fortress, only find yourself siding with The Golden Path. They’re rebels standing up against Pagan who brought the country into a civil war to fight for what’s theirs… and it so happens that Ajay’s parents started the militia. After you get the lowdown of what needs to be done you’re left to explore the massive world of Kyrat.

Kyrat is divided into two sections, namely ‘North Kyrat’ and ‘South Kyrat’. For most part of the game you’ll find yourself causing chaos in the southern parts. It’s green and luscious, but, at first, has many areas that’s in Pagan’s control. Your aim is to overrun these outposts and to declare it as the Golden Path’s. You can either be tactical, by pulling out your binoculars, marking off the patrolling guards (as you would in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes) and taking them out one by one. Or, you can go all out guns blazing. The choice is yours. The latter is not advisable as, early on, your healthbar is made up of only two slots (with six slots being the most you can upgrade to) and depletes very quickly. (By securing XP you’ll gain more skill points, which you can spend on various new attributes). Press and hold the Y button and Ajay will heal one slot at a time, which can get a bit frantic in mid-action. That’s where syringes come into play.


Take care of yourself

As with Far Cry 3 you can collect various coloured plants scattered about the map. Collect two green plants and you will automatically receive a healing syringe (which can be reduced to one plant with a skill upgrade later on). Pressing and holding Y now completely replenishes your health. You can also mix up the plants for different results. Mixing the yellow and red plants, for example, will increase your physical damage, while the red and blue mix will help you spot foes in the lush vegetation by highlighting them. You’re also on the lookout for treasure chests that will award you money to buy weapons and the upgrades for it.

There are 18 items (such as a Wingsuit, Sticky Grenades and Body Armor) 13 sidearms, 30 weapons and 17 signature weapons to choose from, though I only ever bought 4 weapons. Why? Well, early on you’ll do a mission whereby, once completed, you’ll receive free weapons every time you liberate a bell tower. If you enjoy puzzle-based platforming you’ll have lots of fun finishing off the bell towers and automatically unlock weapons. Once you’ve bought or claimed your weapon you’ll have the option to add a scope, increase the magazine size, add a silencer and paint your weapon. They’re very basic upgrades, but when you have so much to choose from and so much to do this is the last of your worries. Once you’re out there using your weapons you really are facing off with everything that nature can throw at you. No matter how big your gun is, if you don’t have razor-sharp reflexes you’ll be in your grave in no time.


Did someone say ‘Elephants’?

Animals. Oh, there are plenty animals and you’ll be hunting them to craft yourself a weapon holster, bigger wallet, bigger loot bag and several other useful extras, but they will also be hunting you. Having a Bengal Tiger or Bear after you is no joke. If they catch you unaware they’ll make short work of you in no time. Rhino’s will barge into unsuspecting victims (including yourself) when you least expect it. In fact, there was a moment I had a mini heart attack when I turned around, after hearing a fast thumping sound, and had a Rhino flatten me. It’s these moments that make Far Cry 4 so unique. Everything is just so random. A threat might come from the air in the form on an Eagle attacking you. You’re constantly on the lookout for danger. Thankfully Elephants are your friend. The fun you have when jumping on the back of one of these giant mammals, and going on a rampage mission to destroy everything and anything, is unequalled by any other game. Pressing and holding in the left analogue stick will have him charging at any incoming threat, while pressing in on the right stick will have him bashing and throwing enemies into the air, or attract other nearby Elephants to help out. If you think it might be possible in Far Cry 4 then it likely is.


The developers have undeniably put their heart and soul into this game and it shows. You’ll glide, fly in a buzzer (the chopper-like aircraft), grapple up and down cliffs, throw meat towards soldiers to attract predators, call guns for hire (rebels that aid you when things are too tough), drive various cars and boats, find numerous collectibles and hidden items, enter the fantasy world of Shangri-La (when Ajay is drugged), play 5 vs. 5 multiplayer modes, online co-op and much, much more. If you want adventure, you’ll find it in Far Cry 4. If not, the adventure will find you.



  • A massive world to explore | Riding an Elephant and bashing enemies | Flying for the first time in a wingsuit


  • Twitchy controls requires adjustment | Gameplay feels very similar to Far Cry 3


The Open-world King of the FPS is returns


Gameplay - 9
Visuals - 8.5
Audio - 7.5
Gratification - 8.5
Value for money - 8.5

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I’ll play it, no matter the format.

  • Mlu007

    9 for gameplay means 9 for value for money.

  • Small Charlie

    Man, I’m glad this is not a bomb. Glad at least one game came out that’s not half baked. This is going under the tree this year with the “Dear Me, love Me” label on it.

  • Jarred

    Man, why do you have to go and write this and make me want to play it 🙁
    Thankfully the memory of Far Cry 3 is relatively fresh in my mind so I won’t cave just yet.

  • Trebzz

    Read another review that would put someone from buying the game in an instant o.O and then I read this stellar review and couldn’t agree more with it 😀 i do own the game and so far really enjoying the experience. Well done Dawid and thank you for your review.

    • Glad you enjoyed it man 🙂

    • Raidz19

      Only ever trust sagamer!

      • Trebzz

        I’m with you on that 100% these guys review games with an open mind and that’s always a good start.

  • hammarman

    Loving the game and co-op is a blast- I just wish we could play the whole game co-op because then it probably would be my favourite game ever.

    • I think they’ll get to that next. In the interview with one of the developers I asked him about that, and he said that he’d take it back to the team. But I’m sure there are many people who would love just that.

  • As always, excellent review Dawid, ‘ol buddy, ‘ol bean, ‘ol sport, ‘ol…spice?

    Anyhoo, as with its predecessor, I’m having a ton of fun, just messing about, hunting animals…ya know, the usual :D/

    It’s like, a hunting game…but with a side story about a tyrant o_O

  • Sir Captain Senior the First

    Captain here!

    Just some spelling mistakes, which are my pet peeve.

    1. ” you should sacrifice yourself for his believes”. Should be beliefs
    2. “You can either be tactful”. Should be tactical
    3. “It’s very basic upgrades”. Should be they are or they’re
    4. “It’s these moments that makes Far Cry 4 so unique”. Should be make

    Editors! Why you no do your job?!

    *Flies away*

    • Thank you Sir Captain (Gifs). It’s been fixed and you’re welcome to be our grammar nazi.

      • Sir Captain Senior the First

        If I had the time I’d be a permanent grammar nazi. But alas, the real world doesn’t allow it.

        Great review though. I didn’t think they could best themselves after FC3 but it appears they have. Definitely buying this one!

  • Gary

    It’d be nice if I could join Pagan Min, crush the foolish rebel resistance, betray and dropkick Min off Mount Everest then rule Kryat as the benevolent and fabulous dictator AJ. But alas I shall settle for punching Rhinos to death… You CAN punch things to death in this game, right?

  • Bob Bitchin

    Please help!!! I seem to have lost my saved game after doing an update on my Xbox One. Now what probably happened is all the files where uploaded onto my Xbox Live profile. The problem is I am not usually connected to the net and I think this is why I cannot access my saved game. Does anyone know how I might be able to download and keep my saved game files on my Xbox instead of in the cloud? Please help, I am SO close to finishing the game. Very frustrating indeed…..

    • Graeme Selvan

      Hey Champ. sorry to hear about your issue. The X1 keeps a local copy and cloud copy. You might find your local save got corrupt after updating. Have you tried connecting to live and letting the game sync? This should copy your online save file to your local console.

      • Bob Bitchin

        Thank you very much Graeme. I will most definitely give it a try….

    • I’ve asked Greame to respond as he’s the man in charge of Xbox locally and will know best 🙂

      • Bob Bitchin

        Thank you…. 🙂

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