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Fat Princess Adventures combines two of my favourite things that I do daily, EAT & play GAMES. Tons of fun with upgradable armor and weapons makes this game a must for all hack and slash fans. Although the story lacks in depth it doesn’t seem too bad, with you having to…wait for it…save the princesses from the Bitter Queen. The games graphics might look childish but I have to admit some of the scenes, when killing your enemies, look like the side of some freeways. This is however adjustable in the pause menu. Don’t take that as a sign of this game being serious though as it is quite funny as well, with “hashtag” jokes and you eating so much it’ll supersize the player to look like a giant baby with super strength.

Fat Princess Adventures™_20151209221455

Gear, Weaponry & Classes

The game has four different classes to choose from namely a Warrrior wielding a sword and shield, a Mage wielding a magical staff, an Engineer wielding a hammer and my favourite the Archer wielding a bow and arrow. Each class also has a secondary weapon to do more damage at close range, help with defense or in the case of the Engineer fling bombs at enemies. You’ll be able to switch your class at various points within the game which coincidentally is also the checkpoints within the game. Each class has their own set of gear and weapons that you’ll pick up throughout the game from treasure chests and enemies. The gear and weapons can be upgraded multiple times with each upgrade being more expensive than the last.

Monsters & Boss Battles

Monsters and enemies throughout this game are fairly simple to dispatch with nothing more than a few hits to slay. There are mini bosses spread throughout the levels which are a little tougher. The main bosses however all have a little trick that you’ll need to figure out before you can actually lay any damage on them. I found this concept a lot of fun.

Fat Princess Adventures™_Boss Battle Two Patches

Co-op (Couch & Online Co-op)

Co-op as always is a lot of fun. Incorporating four players simultaneously and allowing you to jump in at any time or host a game for someone to jump into your main story at any time. Reminded me a lot off Diablo III’s co-op play. Multiplayer aspect is quite interesting, if the Host decides to drop out, the game resets itself making one of the others the host. The game is also ten times easier with multiple players as there are only two difficulty levels to choose from namely Cakewalk & Normal that is until you beat the game and two new difficulties open up namely Hard and Cakemare. Also if one player picks up new gear every other player receives it as well. The best part is that the game incorporates couch co-op with online co-op.

Fat Princess Adventures™_20151209233500

Setting & Levels

The games setting reminds me a lot of the Vikings era. Running through the town is quite entertaining as well, apart from hearing peoples conversations there are one or two incidents like the below picture of two clowns, the one seems to have passed out while the other tries to revive him. There are 7 areas in total which you’ll travel to, each with their own type of monsters and settings.

Fat Princess Adventures™_20151209223723

Fat Princess Adventures™_Map

All in all Fat Princess Adventures is a fun and short title to pass the time with and it has a few challenge modes once you’ve completed the game to keep you going a bit longer. Lot’s of humorous phrases and comical looking characters keep you entertained while you journey to save the kingdom and the princesses. Also a cool concept added is when you’re watching the Credits role, you’ll be able to fight enemies that drop in, enemies who seem to be the games creators.

Fat Princess Adventures™_Credits

I’ve attached a few more images below showcasing this Zany title.


  • Light hearted and a lot of hack & slash fun | Good Humour | Couch Co-Op


  • A bit repetitive at times


“May the Cake be with you”…


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 7.5
Audio - 8
Gratification - 7.5
Value for money - 7.5

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