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The past three weeks of my life has been an emotional roller coaster in Fire Emblem Fates. I’ve experienced heartache, sorrow, love and joy all in the form of this amazing story and tactical RPG. Birthright and Conquest were superb titles in their own right, bringing not only different story paths to the table but slightly different mechanics as well. However, I knew that once I started the final chapter in this trilogy, of sorts, I would immediately acquire that feeling of falling in love all over again.


Revelation just as Birthright and Conquest starts off with the same six chapters. Making your way through the introductions of the mechanics and building a close relationship with both the royal families of Nohr and Hoshido feels fimiliar. Upon reaching the tipping point in the sixth chapter, you are left to choose a side, Hoshido or Nohr. Of course if you’ve purchased Birthright you’ll side with Hoshido and if you’ve purchased Conquest you’ll side with Nohr. Revelation allows you to choose a third path to side with neither sides and be branded a traitor to both.

FEF Revelation

Going into Revelation I did not believe that the conflict could become any worse than what I’ve already seen in the previous two Fire Emblem Fates titles, but I was immediately shown otherwise. Once you have made your decision and, in my case have been branded a traitor, you will immediately begin your path down a dangerous, treacherous and difficult road, which is where Revelation reveals the true enemy that will bring both kingdoms together. The difficult part however, in bringing the two kingdoms together, will be that you are not to speak of this new evil. This is where Revelation takes you on the journey through each chapter of convincing both royal families and their allies to join you in the fight to rid the world of this said evil, which I myself cannot speak of right now for fear of disappearing…

Fire Emblem Fates The Choice

Revelation was like combining two elements that are completely foreign from each other, the best example – Light and Darkness. The game truly combines the best of both Birthright and Conquest, giving you access to the wide array of cast from both games, allowing you to create some interesting match-ups between the two royal families of Hoshido and Nohr as well as creating even more battle strategies for you to choose from. Admittedly I did feel overwhelmed at times by the choices. The games maps also have additional elements added to them. For instance, right at the beginning you’ll have to travel to the end of each section on the grid-based map before the next area will light up. It provides quite an interesting aspect to the game as you’ll have no idea of what to expect on the other end of the map, leaving your character open to attack. Another addition to the long line of items Revelation gives the player comes in the form of side quests.

Revelation is the light in my darkness and my darkness in the light

Fire Emblem Fates Just as Birthright and Conquest, Revelation also allows the player to take a break after each chapter to work on their base, known as “My Castle”. Here you’ll get to buy and upgrade weapons and armor, build your relationships with your party members and, most importantly, build up your defenses for the online battles that’ll occur in the multiplayer aspect of the game. Here players will be able to visit each others castle to invade or join up as an ally. Your base will also house numerous resources such as gems, fish and fruit. The resources can be traded with your allies and also increase the stats of the guardian on your base. You’ll also have to create buildings by acquiring enough Dragon Vein. The buildings include armories, a mess hall and even a prison to detain prisoners you may capture on the battle field to convert to an ally in your prison. The best part in Revelation is that your base will grant you access to both Hoshido themed buildings as well as Nohr themed buildings.


I believe that the advice given by Nintendo to play Birthright or Conquest before Revelation is necessary. Although I highly recommend playing all three if possible. Only if you play, both Birthright and Conquest. will it allow you to fully appreciate Revelation, but it’s not unplayable without playing the first two games. Revelation truly builds upon Birthright and Conquest, not only filling in the gaps left by the two games but also adding on to it, making Revelation the ending that all Fire Emblem Fates Fans cannot miss out on. As advertised the “True Ending” to this magnificent trio of Fire Emblem Fates titles can only be experienced in Revelation.



  • The "True Ending" | Additional playable characters | Superb Soundtrack | Incredible Story | Beautiful Art Style


  • Sleepless Nights


The true 'revelation' is upon us!


Gameplay - 9.4
Visuals - 9
Audio - 9.5
Gratification - 9.7
Value for money - 9.7
  • #theELF

    Awesome reviews… and thanks for keeping it spolier free!

    I NEED to play all 3 now!

    • Zain Moosa

      Thanks bud, honestly was not an easy task as most of the Fire Emblem titles are all about the story 😉

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