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Review: FORM (PS VR)



Released nearly three years ago on PC, FORM is a virtual reality puzzle-solving game that made its way to console, and by default, a wider audience. It was very well received at the time on more powerful hardware, but how does it stack up on the PlayStation VR headset?

Stunningly gorgeous

The concept of FORM is that you play as a chap called Dr Devan Elli, who through his experiments on an alien obelisk gets transported to a surreal plane and has to solve different puzzles and challenges. The premise is pretty simple, and there is a story, but it all pales in comparison to what this game looks like. The visuals are simply stunning and it, along with some incredible sound design, makes you truly feel like you’re in this strange, alien place.

The gameplay is pretty simple, you essentially remain in one spot, and move your arms around grabbing different object and levers in order to make stuff happen. Think, The Room, but this time in a weird, virtual reality world and everything is on a much bigger scale.

You can use your Dualshock 4 controller to play the game, but it is not ideal, and playing with Move controllers is the way it was meant to be played. Solving the puzzles isn’t overly hard, and it does come down to a bit of trial and error, especially in the beginning when things are still rather new. It is well designed, however, and there is a sense of accomplishment when you complete them, especially since there are usually some pretty lights and loud noises when you do.

The sound design and visuals are really well done and translates very well to the PlayStation VR, and even considering the game is a couple of years old already, it does hold up incredibly well in creating a very eerie atmosphere and setting.

Over too quickly

I do have an issue with FORM, however, and just like the game, it is weird to explain. The game is very short, as in, you can be done in less than an hour short. The length of the game feels fine since the puzzles don’t really progress too much and you will at some point get bored. It feels like they nailed it in that sense. But it does feel like it is over too soon.

There is a story, but you don’t really know what it is, and I feel a little bit more development in that sense could have made it a much more compelling experience, and even made the game a little longer, especially if you get invested in the character, his motivations and his desire to find out what is going on, and why he is in this world. A bit more of the why could’ve gone a long way to making this experience truly great.

A decently enjoyable experience

FORM is a very well crafted experience and probably one of the best puzzle type games you can find on PlayStation VR. The puzzles are fun to solve and the visuals and sound are amazing. It is a very good example to show off to your friends what Virtual Reality is really about. Unfortunately, FORM is a little hard for me to recommend unless it is on a sale. The game is incredibly well made, and it is hard to find fault with it, but the length and lack of a coherent story make it fall a little bit short.


  • Amazing visuals and atmosphere
  • Solid sound design
  • Fun puzzles


  • Story is there, but lacking
  • Very, very short experience


FORM is a fun puzzle-solving virtual reality game that won't take you too long to complete. It does have some kind of story, but it really isn't the point of the game. The game looks amazing and the atmosphere is out of this world. It is, however, a tough game to sell, considering its length and lack of replayability once you've managed to solve all the puzzles.


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