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Just as with most games from Japan the West always receives the expansion versions, but who’s to say that this is a bad thing. God Eater 2: Rage Burst is the expansion of God Eater 2, which was released in Japan in 2013 and is the successor to Gods Eater Burst. The God Eater series boasts titles on multiple video gaming platforms as well as an anime series. The series focuses on monster hunters trying to save humanity from monsters known as Aragami. These monsters can only be defeated by God Arcs, unique weapons infused with a special power that can only be wielded by certain humans. The premise in God Eater 2: Rage Burst remains the same but this time you take on the role of a silent protagonist that has been discovered to possess even more inner power than just the ability to wield a God Arc.

Blood is thicker than Water

God Eater 2 introduces us to a new unit in the ranks of the God Eaters, better known as the Blood Unit. The members in this special task force each possess a new ability that succeeds the normal God Eaters power known as “Power of Blood”. This new ability allows players to access a new mechanic within the game called Blood Arts. Blood Arts boost normal attacks making the attacks dealt out even stronger. Think of it as going Super Saiyan. This new ability touches well into the story of the game as well, helping the game build upon the character development and assisting the players protagonist into molding in the Blood Unit.


God Eater 2: Rage Burst at its core is all about the monsters, hunting them, gathering materials and forging new weapons. The game is completely monster hunter esque in my opinion and being a huge fan of the monster hunter series, this title was totally up my alley. When not on a mission I found myself in the hub area where the players have access to a store to purchase various items and materials that not only help on missions but also help in forging new and stronger weapons. The hub area also has its own terminals accessible to the players. At this terminal the player can adjust skill sets, weapon sets, read emails from NPC’s from the game, learn about blood arts, adjust the skills of the NPC’s that accompany you on missions and so much more. The customizable options in God Eater 2 is vast and at first can be overwhelming but just as you would with any game, patience and time pay off in the end.


The game gives the player access to three main weapons which are customisable to a degree as long as you have the right materials. Melee weapons can be found in the forms of swords, scythes or spears. Long ranged weapon are made up of different types of guns such as assault cannons and sniper guns. Lastly a shield, which comes in three different sizes, affects the defense you’ll have access to. The larger the shield the more defense, however keep in mind even though the smaller shields might not have the same amount of defense, it can be raised a lot faster to save you from a blast from an Aragami. The best part about hunting in God Eater 2 is the fact that your God Arc has the ability to change on the fly. YES, you heard right, your weapon will be able to change in battle instantly by the press of a button. Within a matter of seconds you’ll be able to morph your blade into a gun or perhaps a shield. This mechanic unlike the monster hunter franchise really added to the enjoyment during a hunt, being able to attack a monster or assist an alley from a distance while recovering your own health is really helpful.


The monsters in God Eater 2 range from behemoth sized beasts to annoying oversized dino-looking ostriches. To make things even more exciting, each monster is brought forth with its own attack patterns and abilities, some combined with elemental abilities as well. Before each mission it will be wise for you to adjust your loadout accordingly as it will determine a challenging but enjoyable hunt to a challenging and nightmarish disaster.


There is POWER in numbers

Although the game allows for you to hunt with NPC’s giving off a type of co-operative multiplayer feel, nothing beats actually hunting monsters with real life players. The multiplayer aspect of the game just like monster hunter is possibly the most fun you’ll have with God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Allowing for up to four players to hunt together you’ll be able to tackle the toughest of monsters with absolute precision while having friends watching your back, healing you when needed and also dishing out massive amounts of damage to the beast when needed. Another interesting feature in God Eater 2, during a hunt, is the fact that you’ll have a voice spitting out of your controller speaker on the PlayStation 4 alerting you to check your health. Or it’ll warn you that your power gauge to release your power attack is about to expire. While handy, it can become a little annoying after some time and you might want to turn the volume down on the speaker.


All-in-all God Eater 2: Rage Burst is loads of fun. Combining good story, good character development, a huge variety of customisable gear, a great multiplayer aspect that can also assist you in the main story missions and a superb soundtrack. The only problem I had with the game is the acting and some of the cut scenes. The characters did look a little stiff at times during cut scenes as well as around the hub area, a small issue yes, but it does affect the enjoyment level of the overall experience to an extent. If you’re a monster hunting fan however and love multiplayer experiences, then you must own this title.



  • Amazing Soundtrack | Co-operative Play | Tons of customization | Fast Paced battle styles | Ability to switch between melee & ranged attacks on the fly


  • As with most games full of customization, the learning curve can be quite daunting | Characters look a little stiff at times


The Monster Hunter title you NEED on a home console!


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 7.5
Audio - 9.5
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 8

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