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Let me be honest from the start here, I am not a fan of DLC at all. I find it odd to want to buy little add-ons to a game which could so easily have been included with the full price. I have, however, bought and played the odd DLC if there is enough in the extra content to have me going back (until now, The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind was the only DLC I have played to be completely honest). inFAMOUS: First Light spins straight out of Second Son, which was released this year, let’s see if it lives up to the main game.

First off, it’s probably a good idea to mention that this isn’t quite DLC in the common term. It’s available as a completely standalone game digitally and retail. You don’t have to even have or have played Second Son to play this which is an interesting way to sell the game, and one that ‘should’ work.

So inFAMOUS: First Light is more of an expansion, and if you did play Second Son you will most likely have fallen in love with the Neon power which Delsin acquires from a young lady named Fetch. Fetch was easily the most interesting of the NPC’s and that encouraged Sucker Punch to base this DLC on her and her story.

First Light 1

First Light is broken into two main sections. The first has Fetch holed up in a DUP prison where she retells her story while showing off her powers. In this arena setting you learn to use Fetch’s neon powers, but it also serves as a challenge centre where you can take on different missions and challenges, competing to clear them and earn upgrades, as well as compete on leaderboards against friends.

The arenas are mostly great in that you can try all kinds of challenges that have you combining the powers to defeat holographic enemies, save hostages and a whole lot more. It’s a great addition to the game as there is just nothing more fun than getting to use all those awesome powers.

The second section is in essence the main story that has you returning to Seattle, which was in the main game of Second Son, albeit a limited (not exactly small) part of the city. Here we discover Fetch’s origins as we find out how she escaped her childhood home, lived on the streets and literally survived on very little with her brother, Brent. But then Brent is kidnapped and Fetch’s world starts to fall apart.

Until then Fetch had tried not to unleash her powers at all, but in her desperation to get Brent back all hell is let loose. It’s here that First Light really starts to shine in bright Neon lights (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Fetch is simply a joy to play as and those Neon abilities are still easily the best powers ever to be created in a game.

First Light 2

As you progress you will unlock more abilities, but you start off with her Neon burst/run which has you traversing the city in high speeds while a neon trail follows you (it’s so pretty). You also have the ability to slow down time briefly and use projectile attacks to either kill or subdue enemies, and you have your ability to glide (not fly) around, and last of course you have some melee attacks.

The combat system is amazingly smooth and intuitive that you can’t help but smile as you play. Fetch is so fast, even faster than Delsin was and using all the abilities helps you take on all comers. You can unlock further abilities through gaining upgrade points by completing a number of side missions which at no point get tedious. These include the return of graffiti work, races to collect fragments, hostage situations and more.

The powers are honestly the greatest part of the game and unlocking them all and using them in action simply has to be experienced to understand just how much fun it is. They are very effective whether using the super Singularity power or just the base powers, it is just fluid and fantastic.

First Light 3

The actual missions in First Light do not vary all that much. Most of the time you are assisting someone in taking out some goons, all in an effort to get closer to finding your brother. There are some subtle changes as you progress and it does get a fair bit more difficult but nothing in terms of the missions actually felt quite as special as the abilities you can use. That isn’t to say the missions aren’t fun, it’s just that they are very straight-forward.

The same can be said for the story. It’s quite touching and enjoyable to follow along and watch how things unfold for Fetch, but in many ways it is rather clichéd and nothing is a big surprise. Even the parts, which aim to shock, kind of don’t because you know it is coming.

Aside from the gameplay and the story, First Light looks amazing, much like Second Son did. It’s one beautiful expansion and the 10gb download certainly shows its goods. It does include the photo mode which you can get lost in for ages and take some glorious photos.

First light 4

All in all, inFAMOUS: First Light is time well spent whether you consider it a standalone game, DLC or expansion. If you complete all the main missions and the side missions to upgrade (which you will want to), you can finish the game in four to five hours. You can go back and free roam the city for more if you want, and the arenas will keep you busy for a good while longer than that if you want to complete all the challenges and beat your friends on the leaderboards.

At the price of just R218 inFAMOUS: First Light is definitely one to try. If you loved Second Son you must play this, purely because it adds to the story in terms of a prequel. If you haven’t played inFAMOUS before, this is almost the perfect gateway into it. You can pay the cheaper price and get a good idea of what the main game will offer (it, of course, offers more though). Either way, First Light is a wonderful DLC / Expansion. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go drain some Neon signs and light up Seattle.



  • Neon Powers l Interesting Story l Beautiful and Smooth l Value for Money


  • Lack of variation in missions l Predictable l More of the same as the main game


inFamous: First Light shines brightly as a Second Son expansion


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 9
Audio - 7
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 8

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