Review: Kirby Fighter Deluxe (3DS)

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Kirby Triple Deluxe was one of the best entries into the Kirby franchise, and what made the package even greater was in the inclusion of two terrific extra mini-games. Both these games, Kirby Fighters and King Dedede Drum Dash, have now been expanded upon and turned into full-blown,  albeit smallish, 3DS games. How do these games compare, well that’s why you’re here.

Kirby Fighter Deluxe is a cute take on the widely popular Super Smash Bros. The main objective of the game is to beat your opponents in a 2D arena,  all of which come from various games in the Kirby franchise. Each game,  or rather,  the only game (there’s only one sequence of fights) consists of nine rounds with two bosses at the midway and end point.  It’s the same nine rounds over and over with different Kirby Fighters, so things will get stale after a while.


The fighters themselves also come from the series. At the start of the game,  you pick one of ten powers to play as,  ranging from archer to beam. A difficulty can be set, easy and normal are good for beginners, but hard is the one regular players should pick, and very hard for those who like a little challenge. None of the modes are particularly tensely difficult, unless you forget to block.

At the start of the fight,  you’ll be alerted as to who your opponent is. Some levels will have you fighting against one or two enemies.  Other times you’ll have a buddy to help you. During the matches, and this is where fans of the series will shed a tear (in a good way), many, many, many easter eggs are posted. Various enemies from the franchise will make cameo appearances.  Some of them help you, while others hinder you. It’s nice to see so many references posted in the battles, and even dodging or attacking them. Various power ups that appear in the field can be used to recover health or attack your opponent. You can even share the effects of the power up with your buddy by giving him a smooch!


Once you complete a game of nine rounds, which will take you about eight minutes, you’ll unlock a new costume for that power. Pretty neat, but it doesn’t add anything to the game. I’m a little disappointed that you can’t switch powers mid-game. This would make the fighting a little bit more frantic and force you to think,  as opposed to just jumping and pressing attack.

Although you have a variety of Kirby characters to use, the fighting gets boring very quickly. There are different attacks, but seeing as the game itself isn’t particularly challenging, you can get through most of it by button mashing. My advice? If you do get it, it’s best to play it as a filler game while you’re on the bus or the can – don’t expect to be entertained for hours on end when load shedding strikes.


Another letdown  is the lack of online multiplayer.  It’s currently only compatible with download play, so if you don’t have any pals with a 3DS then that feature is a total waste. All in all the game took me about 2 – 3 hours to unlock all characters and play the modes.  After that,  there’s not much else to do, sadly. A bonus stage and two characters are added if you’ve played Kirby Triple Deluxe,  but, honestly, if you already have it don’t bother getting this. It’s the same mini-game with a few extras.

While not a disappointing game,  Kirby Fighters Deluxe isn’t a game people need to run to. It’s fun and the music is amazing,  but if you already own KTD,  then I’d give this a miss.  If you haven’t and would like a simpler  version of SSB, then it might be the right game to help pass the time.


  • Fun for a time | Music is amazing | Some Variety | Bonuses for Kirby Triple Deluxe owners


  • Get's boring if played for too long | No online MP | Too easy


Gameplay - 7.5
Visuals - 8
Audio - 8
Gratification - 5
Value for money - 6

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