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Review: Knowledge is Power – PlayLink (PS4)



Welcome contestants to Knowledge is Power. The quiz game that will test not only your knowledge but alliances as well. Knowledge is Power has six players going up against each other in an all-out race to get to the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge. However, in this game show quiz players will have to bring to the table a lot more than just their smarts but cunning as well.

For example, a player hit by multiple ice attacks will have to tap at their screen as quickly as possible to break the ice and reveal their answers to select from.

The game begins with players selecting their avatar characters who will represent them throughout the game. This is selected through each players’ mobile phone since the game is a PlayLink title. The twist however, and instant acknowledgement of the game showing players just how wacky things are about to get is the fact that upon selecting your character you’ll be asked to take a selfie. The selfie utilises your character’s costume and creates a profile photo for the player, dressing up the players in a zany outfit. The contestants are then introduced and the games begin.

You’ll need a minimum of two players although up to six players can participate, and in all honesty, the more players you have the more fun will be had. Each player is represented by their wacky character that they’ve selected. Each character has their own funky flair with some having a side of attitude.  Some of the character options include a spaceman, hotdog guy and glamour wizard. The contestants are then asked to select a category to choose from for their first question and the majority vote wins. Although a player can override this majority vote by using a power pick but is limited to doing this. The game has a huge selection of categories and questions with some of the categories offered being music, movies, solo artists and breakfast. Once a category is selected the question pertaining to that category is asked and the players are then tasked with choosing the correct answer from a set of four answers on their phones. The highest score is then granted to the quickest tapping players leaving the slowest players with the least points. Although more often than not you’ll find that the quickest fingers don’t always come out on top and that’s where the Power Plays come in.

Power Plays

If you find yourself with slow reflexes or just cannot answer fast enough it is not really game over as the fastest thinker and tapper isn’t always the one to earn the most points, the game gives all players a fair chance. The definition of fair being stretched to its limits, however. Power Plays can be used before a question is asked. It is special items used by each player to target other players. Items include ice, bombs and goo. Each item puts the player attacked by it at a disadvantage. For example, a player hit by multiple ice attacks will have to tap at their screen as quickly as possible to break the ice and reveal their answers to select from. The same thing happens with the goo which the player has to swipe off their screen before the answers are revealed. There are however other power items that assist the player in boosting their score if they answer correctly but freezing another players screen just seemed to be more popular. Of course, power items don’t have to necessarily be utilised but where’s the fun in that?

The next two sections of the game also has players answering questions but instead of tapping the correct answer, players will have to swipe right or left or swipe to match halves of an icon together. These events give the players an object and an event that relates to the object. For example all the movies that Robin Williams (the object) starred in – Jumanji (event).

Although contestants or rather players will be scrambling to reach the top of the pyramid, it is not until the last stretch of the game that you actually begin the climb to the summit. After the previous three events, each player will be placed on the pyramid according to the points they’ve earned during the previous events. The higher placed players obviously have a better chance of reaching the top first and becoming the ultimate champion but keep in mind that power plays can still be used during this period in the race to the top.

All in all, Knowledge is Power is an incredibly entertaining party title filled with content in the form of general knowledge questions. Questions are also quite entertaining, educational and the fun is just multiplied tenfold with the power play feature. Unlike Hidden Agenda this game doesn’t suffer from pacing issues and before you know it the champion is crowned. I believe each game that was played only took around 30 minutes or just over. A fun, colourful and light-hearted title for the entire family. Easy to pick up and play and also no time investment is needed to have an evening filled with ‘icy’ memories and ‘gooey’ situations. PlayLink truly shines in Knowledge is Power and I can’t wait to see what more PlayStation has in store.


  • Easily accessible with pick up and play control for everyone
  • Power Play!
  • Questions are always entertaining, thought provoking and occasionally educational
  • Each event is well timed and not dragged out


  • Minimum of two players required


A quick bout of fun that is entertaining and educational, this PlayLink title is good for the whole family and won't take up your whole evening. Unless you play several games in a row, that is.


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