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Tomb Raider has a long heritage and it’s about to get the mobile treatment that, thankfully, it deserves. Let’s get right into it. Visually the game is great to look at and the references to the original 90’s Tomb Raider game are quite nostalgic. From the main menu’s style to Lara’s classic blue tank top and brown shorts. It’s all there. The music is also quite enticing through the levels but what I love the most is the sound of her Pistol when you take out an enemy.

Lara Croft Go Menu

It’s back to oldschool

From the get go the game throws you straight in with no instructions on controls or objectives, which I found refreshing as I find too often that video games hold our hands as we play. The opening levels you’ll probably fly through and not find much of a challenge but persevere past the second chapter (of five) and you’ll start enjoying the challenges a lot more.

Lara Croft Go Enemy

The game is basically turn-based, allowing the player to only move one space at a time, which means that you should be prepared to swipe a lot! The path is very linear, hence you won’t get lost. However, the challenge often comes in on which path to choose first. The levels are usually littered with enemies and traps ranging from snakes, giant spiders, giant lizards, saw blades, boulders and often move according to the movement you make once you’ve activated a trap or have been spotted by an enemy. The good news is that enemies can be easily dispatched by sneaking up on them from either the side or from behind, as well as taking them out with a long ranged weapon which is sort of a puzzle on it’s own to acquire within every stage. One piece of advice though, dispatching the enemy might not always result in you completing the level, in fact what I found interesting is the fact that you’ll need their assistance in some cases to complete the level.

Lara Croft Go - 2

Short bursts of mobile perfection

The stages are short and can usually be completed within a time space of 5 – 10 minutes in the beginning, but the further into the game you get the more you’ll be forced to stop and think about what your next move should be. I assure you once you have figured out the trick or solution, the sense of achievement is astounding. I often found myself restarting a few stages due to me taking the wrong sequence of paths. The game also includes treasure and relics that are scattered throughout each level which, if found, unlock extras in game bonuses. These are not too hard to find but blend in well with the level and I have had quite a challenge to find one or two of them and found myself going back into levels to play them again just to find the hidden objects. Without spoiling it too much, the build up to the boss battle is quite intense at times, and for a puzzle based adventure game I think was done quite well.

Lara Croft Go - 3

All in all Lara Croft Go is an amazing mobile title that gives you hours of fun, filled with a puzzle based adventure that can be played anywhere at any time, be it 5 minutes or an hour. Aesthetically pleasing with it’s many jungles, ruins and caverns, and a soundtrack that is delightful to listen to, if you are a Tomb Raider and puzzle game fan this is a must for you.

You can find the game for R69.99 via your app store.


  • Classic style Tomb Raider visuals | Music | Short Levels so a lot of fun to just pick up & play


  • Levels become monotonous in the beginning | Game restarts completely when minimized instead of jumping straight back into the level


Should Lara Croft stay or should she go?


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 8
Audio - 9
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 8

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