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Review: LEGO Jurassic World (Switch)



The best part about the LEGO franchise is the fact that it never gets old and it goes with every flavour. Be that movies, toys, clothing and yes even video games. Take for instance the line-up of LEGO titles that are available. LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter and even the rival superhero universes LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Combine that with the wackiest of humour and you don’t only have a family-friendly video game title, but something that’s fun to play in a co-op manner. This rings true even in the latest instalment of the LEGO titles coming to the Nintendo Switch: LEGO Jurassic World. Originally released more than four years ago in 2015 on almost every other platform including mobile, the games finally getting a home on the Switch. So, how does a four-year-old game feel on the Nintendo hybrid? Let’s find out.

Family friendly

First off, I need to mention that I didn’t originally play this game four years ago. So, when I began the game and learned that it also included the original Jurassic Park titles, it felt as if I had just put on pants and found money in the pocket that I did not know I had. Indeed, Jurassic World includes four titles in one. Although each can be played within a span of a few hours, the games do hold lots of charm, humour and tons, I MEAN TONS of collectables. Each level encompasses a scene from each movie with LEGO titles’ usual “blocky” humour. This, in no way, is a bad thing. Quite the opposite actually. From remembering the Jurassic Park/World movies, I recall quite a bit of jump scares and a few rather disturbing, if not graphical scenes if you’re a kid, which really made me wonder how they’d deal with it in the games. I soon realised that this was nothing to worry about at all, as each of these scenes was turned into a humorous and quirky scene with raptors riding motorcycles or cleaning up after themselves. Even the scenes where people were snatched up by the big bad dinos, were watered down to comical scenarios of being spat right back out covered in slime or perhaps it was dino mucus. It was hard to tell since it was LEGO studs that slid off the character in different slimy green colours.

Another incredibly fun aspect of LEGO Jurassic World is the character selection. Players will find themselves playing as not only the main cast of characters from the movies, such as Alan Grant or Owen Grady. But will also be allowed to play as the “extras”. I say extras because that’s what these characters are in the movies. Such as a helicopter pilot, a dino handler and even the Hot Dog vendor. In fact, there are over 100 playable characters, with over 30 vehicles to unlock and use. Some unlock while playing through the story, while others can be unlocked by using the collected LEGO studs. Oh, and did I mention that you can play as the dinosaurs as well?

Collectables, collectables everywhere!

Prepare to be overrun by LEGO studs, which are used as monetary value to unlock everything within the world. Where do you acquire these LEGO studs or coins? Well, everywhere. LEGO is all about breaking down and rebuilding pretty much everything, since the entire world is made out of LEGO, save a few things like bodies of water such as oceans, rivers, and water found in fountains. Everything around you can be hit and broken down, either to be used again to build something to progress within the story. Or just disappears after being demolished, but leaves behind a large number of the LEGO studs. Oh, and did I mention that these studs are also just laying around all over the world? I swear at one stage I had to stop myself just to progress further into the game and not obsess over collecting each one. What I also soon learned, is that some areas cannot be reached during my first playthrough and I’d have to come back once I unlocked more characters with the abilities to reach those specific spots. Thankfully after you’ve completed each level within the game, you’ll be able to play the same level in a “free play” mode.

Of course, as it is with many of the LEGO titles, LEGO Jurassic World is also co-op. The co-op play in LEGO titles has always been a lot of fun. Players are able to hop in and out at any stage within the game. If you’re playing solo, you’ll be able to switch between the characters to utilise their different skills. If you’re playing in co-op, well the second player is not only able to utilise that character’s skills but will be able to collect all the loot within the level as well. And with LEGO being, well LEGO, you can be sure that this is the best and most enjoyable way to play with family and friends.

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All in all, Jurassic World is a blast from the past. Playing on the Switch allowed me to pick up and play any part of any level and put down the console in sleep mode, only to be able to pick it up immediately and jump straight back into the action. If you’re in the middle of battling a T-Rex but need to rush off because nature calls…no, not prehistoric nature…no problem, put the Switch into sleep mode and you’ll jump straight back into the action later. And due to their animated graphical stance, LEGO titles fit perfectly on the hybrid. Be it in docked mode or handheld mode, the game remains as colourful and “blocky” as always. The game’s perfect for the entire family and also possesses a fun and sometimes challenging set of puzzles laid around each level. So, don’t think for a second that you’ll melt through it like butter on a hot pancake.

I swear at one stage I had to stop myself just to progress further into the game and not obsess over collecting each one.

Although the formula for this LEGO title has been used before and quite literally been released before on the other platforms, it still holds a certain charm and is incredibly entertaining. A large gripe that I had in the initial beginning cutscenes of the game is the audio voice-overs. It sounds as if they recorded the audio on a cell phone and included it into the game. It is horrendously obvious and awful at the same time. But I guess you don’t buy LEGO to hear them talk, but rather become a Master Builder.


  • Good fun & light puzzles
  • Humorous as always (LEGO titles that is)
  • Feels like I'm the HULK most of the time, as almost everything is smash-able
  • Unlock all your favourite characters and vehicles from the movie series


  • The voice clips during the cutscenes are horrible to listen to
  • Not much fighting head on, but I guess its too be expected when going up against a dinosaur


Jump back into time with the latest Jurassic World experience on Nintendo's hybrid. Get ready to become a Master Builder and flee for your life as you take on...or rather try to flee the largest predators to ever roam the Earth in all four Jurassic movies.


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