Review: Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel (PS4/PS3/PC)



We recently reviewed the G920 Xbox One and PC steering wheel and what you have here is the twin wheel for the PS4, PS3 and PC. You would imagine that other than some cosmetic differences that everything else would be identical, but I found out that these identical twins do have some similarities, but have features that completely set it apart from each other. What applies to one wheel in the exact same tier doesn’t always apply to the other.

Design and build

Logitech has gone to town with the build quality of the G29. Everything about it feels classy. The hand-stitched leather steering wheel probably feels better in your hands than that of your real car. You can just about feel the time and effort that some person put into the piece of tech you’re holding on to. Each button on the PS4 is neatly laid out for easy access, though you won’t find the touch pad or speaker included in it. Some features are just better suited to traditional controllers. The paddle shifters and steering wheel frame is made out of metal. Everything just feels so good in your hands as it has a solid weight to it.

So what sets this apart from the G920 in terms of appearance? There is a set of LED lights just above the centre of your wheel that provides you with feedback on when to shift up or down. As you would see in just about all simulators, a set of lights turn from green, to orange and later to red when it’s time to shift to the next gear. Most drivers will use the sound of the engine, but this is a nifty addition for those new to racing games. This feature is all based on your setup at home. If you have the wheel clamped to the table, you’ll likely see it in your peripheral vision. I mounted mine to a rig and it was well below my point of view, so played little part in my experience. It is a neat touch though. You’ll also find a 24-point selection dial. It’s the perfect tool to adjust some setting on your car mid-race, something I’ll touch on a little later. These features aren’t huge additions, but it makes that virtual drive all the more realistic and enjoyable.

Included are a set of pedals that host the gas, brake and clutch. The build is extremely sturdy and will take some doing to destroy it with your feet. The pedal tips have a metal lining to bring that same sense of quality you might have experienced with the wheel. As with the G920 the base can be mounted to a rig or you can place it on the floor with rubber grips sticking to tiles and a retractable grip system digging into your carpets. I think what amazed me the most about the G29 is its versatility. Whether you’re spending money on a rig and mounting it, or if you don’t quite have the money to spend, you can clamp it to a table (this includes the Driving Force 6-speed manual shifter). The choice is yours, which is something you can’t really say for most rivals in the same class that require the setup to be mounted.


I was fortunate enough to make use of the Driving Force 6-speed manual shifter and combining that with the clutch setup is a fantastic experience. You would think that driving a car every day would put you in the frame of mind to handle the manual shifter in a game with ease, but surprisingly it takes some getting used to. Remember, in most racing games you aren’t driving like Miss Daisy – there are some vigorous gear changes taking place and it can get stressful. The big improvement came in the form of the brake resistance. One of my biggest problems with the G920 was the immense force you had to apply to the brake pedal to slow your car down fast enough into corners. It’s the exact opposite with the G29. Applying the brakes can be done with ease. There is a resistance, but it feels way more natural and you’re not going to fracture your ankle doing so.

In terms of the experience with the steering wheel there is little that sets it apart from the G920. It’s using the exact same dual-motor force feedback helical gears system without any belts in sight. In turn you’ll feel the gears grinding away under a bit more strain than most modern wheels. It’s easily the best ‘gears-only’ system to date, but it’s just not going to give you the smoothest ride.

At the end of the day any steering wheel is only as good as the games and there is no doubt that this steering wheel was built for a particular exclusive racing game on the PS4.

GT Sport – 9/10

I can think of no better game to own if you are considering the G29. The experience is sublime. The cars all handle with precision. Whether you’re taking your everyday VW Golf for a drive around Dragon Trail or if you’re racing the wheels off your McLaren F1 GTR at the Nürburgring, you are going to have a lot of joy doing so. Combine it with the Driving Force 6-speed manual shifter for cars with traditional manual shifters and it just becomes all the more immersive. Using the shifter in VR isn’t the best option, unless you know exactly where it’s situated next to you, but the on-board paddles are the perfect substitute. The only problem I picked up on is the lack of wheel settings. You have no option to strengthen the feedback or to alter any of the settings. Ultimately you are left with the standard setting and you’ll have to deal with it, but at least the factory setting is just about perfect. 

Dirt Rally 2 – 4/10

Unfortunately it seems not a lot of time went into the coding for the G29. The feedback and steering feels very bare. There are many settings to tamper with, but I turned everything up to the max and it still felt exceptionally drab when compared to what I experienced in GT Sport, which also comes with rally driving. It’s nowhere near as twitchy as I experienced with the original Dirt Rally on the Xbox One with the G920, but if you’re considering a wheel for some exciting rally driving then this is definitely not going to scratch that itch.

Project Cars 2 – 8.5

If there was one game to teach the rest how to do wheel support it’s this game. By default the G29 works well enough, but spend enough time in the advanced settings and you can perfect it for your own driving style. Be default you can choose from three force feedback profiles, which each come with their own unique features. Impressive – replicates the feel of the road, kerbs, tyres and more as you would in the real world. Informative – provides you with a more detailed description to what is happening on the road with suspension movements. Raw – this is for the hardcore driver who wants to feel like a real driver with the full strength of various forces at all times. You can tamper with the gain, volume, tone, FX, steering deadzone, steering sensitivity, settings for your pedals and more. It’s incredibly deep and, after playing Project CARS 2 with a wheel, there is no going back to the Dualshock 4.


Rotation: 900 degrees lock-to-lock
Hall-effect steering sensor
Dual-Motor Force Feedback
Overheat safeguard

Nonlinear brake pedal
Patented carpet grip system
Textured heel grip

Wheel spokes: Anodized aluminum
Wheel cover Hand-stitched leather
Steering shaft: Steel
Shifter paddles: Brushed stainless steel
Mounting clamps: Glass-filled nylon
Pedal frames and arms: cold rolled steel
Pedal faces: Brushed stainless steel
Pedal piston sleeves: Polyoxymethylene thermoplastic (POM)

Physical Specifications:
Height: 270 mm
Width: 260 mm
Depth: 278 mm
Weight without cables: 2.25 kg

Height: 167 mm
Width: 428.5 mm
Depth: 311 mm
Weight without cables: 3.1 kg

Own GT Sport? The G29 is for you. There is no doubt that the steering wheel was specifically made for the PS4 exclusive. No matter whether you have a rig or not, the G29 is versatile enough to appeal to any budget you might have. The gears system is still nowhere near as impressive as some of the other wheels on the market, but you could be doing a whole lot worse.


  • Perfect for GT Sport
  • Can be mounted to a rig or clamped to a table
  • LED lights and 24-point dial is very helpful mid-race to adjust settings


  • There are no belts in the motor, only gears
  • Wheel is fitted permanently. No swapping it with other options
  • Some games require a lot of tweaking to get the most out of it


It's hard to believe that the G920 and G29 are made from the same components as the G29 feels like a much sturdier drive. The extra bells and whistles, such as the 24-point dial and LED lights is enough to make this the perfect addition, especially if you own GT Sport. Rig or home-made table setup - it is versatile enough for you to have a satisfying racing experience.


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