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Review: Logitech G560 Lightsync Gaming Speakers (PC)



My first ever 2.1 sound system for my PC was a Logitech set. So when I was asked if I wanted to test out the Logitech G560 Lightsync Speakers, there wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation.

Light me up

A lot has changed in peripheral design since my last set, and it was interesting to go through and see what would be the same. Surely… a 2.1 speaker set couldn’t change that much? Well, the first big thing is a selling feature of the product, right there in the name. Lightsync. Whether you love it or not, having big bright lights attached to anything and everything on your PC is now just part of the territory. The back of each speaker has Lightsync RGB lighting in a semi-transparent dome. This means that whatever the speakers face away from, in my case a wall, suddenly light up and sync with your other Logitech devices. This can be anything from a calm “breathing” effect to reacting to elements in a game. I honestly thought I would write off the lights and possibly only mention them in the pros and cons at the bottom, but the Lightsync stuff is really immersive, especially when the light is to the sides and behind your monitor. While I had Lightsync on for my mouse, I never saw the effect because my large meaty paw covers everything that lights up when I am playing games.

But now, with these lights near your monitor, things make a lot more sense. Flashes of colour add to the experience. Colours from your screen extend outwards through your speakers, making it feel a little bit more like you are in the actual game. What’s more, colours as information for low health, cooldowns and the like make it easier to respond to situations in games. Whether that is knowing you can unleash hell, or need to reload or heal, the colours work really well at conveying information to you at light speed (heh).

I honestly thought I would write off the lights and possibly only mention them in the pros and cons at the bottom, but the Lightsync stuff is really immersive.

My one gripe with them is that they kept overriding my brightness preferences. I am not sure if it is a preset in the G Hub or not, but setting the lights to low brightness with the button on the speakers was often overridden. I noticed this often when tabbing out of a game to reply to someone in a chat or research something, and the brightness would flare up to full brightness, like someone opening the curtains in a dark room.

Big woof

If you live with others who dislike loud noises or your neighbours are particularly close, you might want to rethink this purchase. The G560 has a monstrous down-firing subwoofer. It makes for amazing explosions, but trying to listen to music at lower volumes, it becomes problematic as the woofer overpowers everything. In fact, the lowest volume for these speakers is well louder than I am comfortable with for playing games, especially at night.

The oddest decision here, after everything else is pretty sturdy and well built, is the lack of bass and volume controls. Cheaper Logitech speakers have a bass dial on the woofer, letting you drop the bass down at night or if you want to listen to something at a quieter volume. Now all your settings need to be controlled by the Windows volume output, which isn’t the best system ever. Or you can connect to them via Bluetooth, but when a button or dial is so much quicker to use, why not leave that option intact?

If you prefer things on the louder side and your neighbours don’t mind the noise levels, these speakers offer a great way to play games and watch movies. Not audiophile levels, but solid enough to help you work out where an enemy is and some colourful help along the way (in some games, at least).


  • Immersive lights. I never would have guessed it.
  • Big powerful bass


  • No handy bass and volume controls
  • Lights are a tad too bright at max settings


The Logitech G560 Lightsync offers explosive sound, but it was a tad too loud for my general usage case. If you like big explosions and your neighbours aren't right next to or beneath you, then sign right up


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