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The other day I reviewed MLB 15: The Show for PS4. Today it’s the Vita version. I think it’s quite a compliment to say that, “I am linking this review to the PS4 version” because the gameplay is pretty much exactly the same. If you read that review you will see that as a good thing as I raved about the game and how enjoyable it is.

The PS Vita version is obviously not going to be exactly the same in all aspects though, but that is expected when it comes to handheld/mobile versions of console games, especially in sports. So instead of me rehashing how the game plays, the keys and so on, let me just explain what is different.



Since getting my PS Vita I have always been incredibly impressed with the beautiful OLED screen and what it’s capable of. MLB 15: The Show is a testament to this as the game looks simply stunning (relatively) on the Vita. It isn’t going to match 50″ HDTV style graphics but it sure comes close to impressing as much.

The visuals are high-end in every aspect from the field, players, stadiums and the all round presentation of the game. Yes, it’s not as good as the console version, but it still looks rather fantastic. The same goes for the sound quality, almost nothing lost there and it’s just great on the small screen.



Here is where the major differences lie in this on-the-go version. MLB 15: The Show is just not quite as meaty as the console version. That isn’t to say it is limited in options, but it does have less. All the single player modes are exactly the same. You can play a Home Run Derby, Franchise, Season, Post Season, exhibition games and The Show Live matches if you connect online.

Road to the Show is included in all its glory. Be a Pro mode, I mentioned previously, works well – especially for newcomers wanting to become baseball All-Stars. Even better is that there is the ability to cross-save on this mode if you are connected online, meaning you can continue progress from your console version and vice versa, should you own both games.

Where The Show lacks on the Vita version is the online section. There is no real online aspect other than a leaderboard type effort on Home Run Derby. No online franchise, no online exhibition games and no Diamond Dynasty mode. It’s a pity considering it would be perfect for the game and handheld, but I guess with people not really using their Vitas for multiplayer it didn’t make sense to include it.



Believe it or not, the Vita version of The Show has some practical advantages over the PS4 version, aside from the obvious of being able to play on-the-go. The game, which can only be bought digitally, is a mere 3Gb download compared to the 36+Gb download on console. So for almost the same enjoyment, aside from online aspects, you are getting a data friendly version of the game.

Secondly, it’s much cheaper at around half the price (maybe even a bit less) of the console version. So in essence you can get a cheaper version that will take quicker to download and provide a great experience. It certainly does not impress as much from a visual point of view, but if you are a casual baseball player this is probably the better option.



As with its big brother, MLB 15: The Show manages to impress on the Vita. It’s got the same solid, entertaining gameplay that will keep you busy for a long time, especially with the Road to the Show mode being included.

It is a pity that there are little to no online options, but it doesn’t take away from what is otherwise an enjoyable experience at half the cost and half the download size. Well worth it if your Vita is collecting dust somewhere.


  • Great Gameplay l Presentation l Cheaper l Smaller Download


  • Online modes missing


MLB 15: The Show on Vita might be smaller, but it's the same great ball game.


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 8.5
Audio - 8
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 8

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