Review: Nioh 2: Darkness in the Capital (PS4)



There are a few certainties in life. Politicians are corrupt, nobody can avoid death and taxes, and Team Ninja will create some quality expansions for the games in the Nioh franchise. This is definitely the case with Darkness in the Capital, the second DLC for Nioh 2.

The story continues your journey through time in order to uncover the mysteries of Sohayamaru, the legendary Yokai-slaying blade and you find yourself in Kyoto, the capital of Japan during the Heian Period.

Welcome to the Palace of “peace and tranquillity”

Yeah, that’s not nearly the case and if it was, Darkness in the Capital would’ve been rather boring. Thankfully the DLC offers up a bevvy of Yokai to slay, some new locations to explore and a new weapon to master. This time we get to use the Fists, which is a sort of gauntlets used for fast and quick punching and slashing. The combat is very fast and not the hardest hitting, but can put some enemies in a sort of stunlock, allowing you to wail on them provided you can keep your Ki going. It’s a lot like the Tonfa, and if you’re into that sort of build, you will definitely enjoy using Fists.

Darkness in the Capital actually feels like it brings a lot more to the table than the Tengu Disciple, as there’s an extra main mission, a few extra side missions, including one with a cameo by a Ninja from a certain other series, and just a bit more fleshing out of story and characters.

The DLC also brings with it Dream of the Wise, the next level of New Game Plus, but I will admit that I didn’t get a chance to test it out, as I’m only halfway through Dream of the Demon. That said, the content of Darkness in the Capital is rather challenging, even on Dream of the Samurai, so I can only imagine what pain this new NG+++ brings, so you better come prepared.

Darkness in the Capital does almost everything right for fans of Nioh 2. It adds enough content to make it feel worth it, and the story is entertaining enough to keep you engaged. There’s also enough variety of new enemies to take on, all testing your skill in different manners. You might argue that some of them are reskins of old enemies with a few different move-sets, but the variety keeps you on your toes. I had fun playing this piece of DLC, and I look forward to the next instalment of the Season Pass DLC in order to wrap up the story of our time-hopping exploits.


  • Fantastic DLC Content | Adds to the story of the DLC in a brilliant way | More Nioh 2


  • New weapon is great, but doesn't fit my style.


Darkness in the Capital is the perfect middle-point for the Nioh 2 DLC as it brings a ton of new things to the table. The story is entertaining, the new locations are fun to explore and the new weapon is interesting. It also adds a lot more to the overall game that what the previous piece of DLC did, which is never a bad thing. Overall a solid outing for Nioh 2, making us look forward to the next instalment in the Season Pass and the conclusion of our time travelling adventures.


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