Review: Nioh 2: The First Samurai (PS4 Pro)



It has been a long journey with our Protagonist since Nioh 2 released back in March, and with the final DLC, The First Samurai, the story of Hide comes to a close. This review will be rather short, as the DLC doesn’t add that much more except what could’ve been expected, and in terms of story, it is very short.

The First Samurai

Nioh 2: The First Samurai brings the story of the Season Pass DLC for Nioh 2 to a close where we journey back in time once again to find the origin of Sohayamaru, the legendary sword that the Protagonist uses to fell powerful Yokai. It ties up the story nicely, and even comes full circle on the plot of the main game, which was pretty damn cool to experience. As is the case with the previous DLCs, you essentially have two main missions, one of them split into two halves and two challenging bosses, and a couple of side missions.

The new enemies that you encounter, and one, very awesome boss fight is very cool and fun to engage with, while Nioh 2 saves one of the best looking levels for this final DLC. The biggest issue I have is the slight shortcomings with it. While I liked the story and the conclusion, it didn’t feel quite as grand as it could have. The content also feels a little underwhelming, with no new weapon to play with, which is understandable, and the whole experience feeling like it is over before it even gets going. In terms of what it does add is another NG Plus level called Dream of the Nioh, very cool looking new armour, as well as a dual elemental option for some of the dual-wielding weapons such as the Barbarian Hatchets or Tonfas. It also seemed like a bit more was added through the side missions.

A great conclusion to a great game

Nioh 2 is one of my favourite games of the year. I’ve spent nearly 300 hours playing and had an absolute blast. The First Samurai probably not the best DLC available for the game, but it gets the job done and adds enough to keep the veterans happy. I think playing it all in one go will also add to the overall experience.

Am I done with Nioh 2? Hell no, I still have a lot to do and go experience, and if you like a challenge, love a good story with fantastic characters, you should definitely try it out, especially with the Nioh Collection releasing in February next year on PS4, PS5 (Remastered) and PC.


  • Fitting conclusion to both the DLC and main storyline | One particularly fun boss | Cool new dual elemental weapons


  • Over too soon | I don't want it to end!


The First Samurai brings the tale of Nioh 2 to a close, and while the DLC itself might feel a bit short, it is still very much worth your time especially if you enjoyed the entire game up until this point.


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