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When I started playing Nioh back in February, I didn’t realise that it will be a massive adventure that will last me nearly the whole year. One thing that I’ve learned playing it though, is that it’s not for the faint of heart, and the final Season Pass DLC, Bloodshed’s End, is no different.

In fact, to be perfectly honest. The final part of the story of William, the first Western Samurai is absolutely brutal, and if you haven’t been keeping up with the game over the year, you are in for a very hard time. Which is exactly where I found myself when I started playing this.

Adding so much more

It’s hard to think that Team Ninja can add a lot more to a game that was packed full of content straight from the start, but the DLC from the Season Pass certainly added a lot more to the game. Bloodshed’s End is no different, and while it doesn’t add any new types of enemies or new weapons, it does add a ton of extra things to do, not to mention the value that is added to the overall story of Nioh.

It’s mostly the same as what we saw with the previous DLC: a few story missions and a few submissions. If you’re high enough level, recommended starting level is 217, then it shouldn’t take too long to complete. The story, however, is pretty deep and is a great conclusion to the overall story of Nioh. It also has some pretty amazing boss fights, just like we’ve come to expect from Team Ninja.

Bloodshed’s End didn’t really add new weapons or enemies, but what it did add is The Abyss. This sees you going into a dungeon for nothing more than loot, XP and bragging rights.

The Abyss is a series of levels that gradually get more difficult as you go along. Each level, or floor, as it’s called in the game, contains four sections that need to be completed in order to remove certain modifiers in the floor’s eventual boss fight. You can try the boss before clearing the levels, but that makes it significantly more challenging. Each floor that you clear is more challenging, but the loot and experience gain is also greatly increased.

There is, however, a catch. If you die without your Guardian Spirit, you are booted from the Abyss, and you lose everything you gained, so there’s a seriously high risk, high reward system in play here. It’s an interesting mode that’s been added to the game, and it reminds me of the Chalice Dungeons that we got with Bloodborne.

Definitely not for newcomers

Nioh is a very challenging game. Not impossible, but challenging. The biggest issue I have with the game, in general, is the grind that is required to play it. This is certainly the case when playing the DLC. The game requires you to be extremely high level in order to be able to keep up, and enemies that are supposed to be mere cannon fodder can be a real challenge if you’re not strong enough.

As I mentioned, the recommended level for even starting Bloodshed’s End is 217. I personally was not even close and ended up having to grind the same level for several hours, just to be able to play this DLC. It is clearly meant for those who’ve wholly invested their time into the game, but I’m not one of those people. and it became a serious chore just to get myself to a point where I can experience the new DLC.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Nioh is so hardcore, but it is something to consider before you decide to get the game. If you’re willing to invest the time needed to play this game, then by all means, go for it. You will not be disappointed. But be warned, that this game will require a lot of time, dedication and skill to get to the end.

A fitting conclusion, but certainly not the end

Bloodshed’s End is a very good conclusion to a very good game, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not the end to a very solid game series that Team Ninja have created that’s steeped Japanese lore and history. It is a return to form for the developer, and I hope to see more of the same, even if it’s something completely new. But for now, I’m happy with what they gave us. Nioh is a great game and deserves people’s attention. Not for how hard it is, but how good it is, and the continued support that has been given to improve on the game, and the ton of extra content that has been added over the last couple of months.


  • Solid conclusion to the story
  • The Abyss
  • The Boss Fights


  • Brutally hard for the non hardcore fans
  • Have to grind to get to a point to play this


William, the first Western Samurai's story comes to a close in the final chapter of Nioh, and it's a fitting end for a truly massive game!


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