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Review: Pokémon Ultra Moon (3DS)



Alola trainers. Welcome back to the sunny happy shores of the tropical region of Alola. We’re glad that you’ve returned but is your journey one of a return or a fresh start? Let’s find out.

A year ago Pokémon fans around the world were introduced to the seventh generation of Pokémon’s mainline game. Pokémon Sun and Moon not only introduced players to a new region, a new rival and a new journey but also and most importantly new Pokémon. The games brought a completely fresh look at what it meant to become a Pokémon master. It removed the formula of the standard beating of eight gym leaders across the land and taking on an Elite set of trainers to become a Pokémon league master and added the formula of completing special trials across the islands in the tropical region of Alola.

Retreading old ground

The premise of Sun and Moon is that you’re a trainer who has just moved to the region of Alola from the infamous region of Kanto (the first region from generation 1 of Pokémon games – red, blue, green and yellow). Just as it is with the previous titles your goal is to become a Pokémon trainer (which usually turns into something deeper) and in achieving this you’ll be given your Pokémon partner right at the beginning of the game. Popplio a water type, Rowlet a grass type and Litten (who I chose for both my Pokémon Sun play-through as well as this review) a fire type. Once you and your partner are acquainted you will begin your quest to travel the islands, complete the trials, take on the totem Pokémon and challenge the island Kahuna’s who are basically the gym leaders.

So you’re thinking what does this have to do with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Well in actual fact it has EVERYTHING to do with it. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon follow the exact same premise as Sun and Moon. In all honesty, you can think of this as version 2.0. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon begin the same as Sun and Moon. And for most of the game, everything remains the same with the exception of tiny changes such as acquiring your starter Pokémon a little earlier and also a few added dialogue changes and scenes. The sad part about all of this is that those players who have already actually played through Pokémon Sun and Moon will have to do it again before getting into what Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon actually has to offer. The good part though is the content that’s added to the Ultra versions of Sun and Moon is well worth the second playthrough.

Finally reaching ultra

Apart from the tiny changes mentioned above, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon offers players an extension to the story from Sun and Moon. Including more on the mysterious Necrozma. Game Freak’s also added a few more Z-Moves, Ultra Beasts and what’s more and quite possibly the most exciting bit about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to trainers that want to achieve 100% Pokédex completion is the addition of Legendary Pokémon from across the generations.

Quite possibly the most exciting bit about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the addition of Legendary Pokémon from across the generations.

Get grinding because you will need a powerful team if you’re to take on Team Rainbow Rocket. YES prepare for trouble and make it a lot more than double. Another ultra feature from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the addition of a new villainous group led by the infamous Team Rocket boss Giovanni. The group is made up of bosses from across the previous games.

All in all Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are most definitely the definitive edition to the seventh generation of Pokémon mainline titles. It is truly the most nostalgic instalment in the series since it includes all the bosses from across the generations to battle against. It not only adds so much more content to the amazing release that was Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon but is the swan song to Pokémon on the Nintendo 3DS before the Nintendo Switch gets blessed. It’s every Pokémon fans’ dream game in the aspect of “gotta catch em all” since so many Legendary Pokémon are accessible in the games without having to trade your precious Legendaries to another trainer.

There has unfortunately been quite a bit of scepticism in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon being a type of remake but in all honesty although you’ll have to play through the story again the upgrade is refreshing, especially with the smoother and quicker game-play in instances such as acquiring your partner Pokémon in the beginning. If your main question is whether you should purchase Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon after you’ve already played Sun and Moon then the answer is yes! Filled with additional story content, additional Pokémon, additional villains, new Rotom Dex features and so much more. So the real question is in fact, “why haven’t I purchased it already?”


  • More Ultra Beasts
  • Legendaries Galore
  • Ultra Megalopolis


  • You'll have to play through the story again if you've already played Sun & Moon


If you are here from Sun or Moon prepare to tread a lot of ground again before you reach the true extra content of Ultra. But once you get there, get ready for throwback boss fights, all the legendaries and more.


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