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Review: Razer Naga Pro



I’m a relatively easy person to please. Give me a mouse with five buttons and the ability to change DPI on the fly and I’m a happy camper. That’s why I’ve never really understood the need for a mouse with a whole keypad of numbered buttons on the side. I felt that it is excessive and that nobody will EVER use all those buttons, but after using the Razer Naga Pro Wireless Mouse, I finally understood.

So many buttons

I don’t play MMOs, so that’s probably why a mouse that’s generally geared towards MMO players never really appealed to me, but the Naga Pro is something special, and possibly one of my favourite mice I ever used. The reason for this is surprisingly not for its gaming performance, but rather just its everyday use.

In case you didn’t know, the Naga series of mice is modular, meaning that you have the option of replacing the side button panel with the button configuration that you prefer, or depending on what you are playing. The panels come in 2-button, 6-button and 12-button configs, so you do have a few options.  The Naga Pro is a wireless upgrade from the Naga Trinity with a few improvements such as higher DPI and more lifetime clicks from 50 million to 70 million. The 6-button panel is also changed from a dial to a setup of two rows of buttons. The modular panels lock into place with pretty strong magnets, but they’re still easy enough to remove and replace.

The Naga Pro uses the same Razer Central and Razer Synapse utilities to customise the profiles and buttons you want as the DeathAdder Pro and the BlackShark Pro, which makes things very easy if you’re more Razer peripherals. The difference, however, is that the utilities feel so much more robust for something like the Naga Pro. The profiles can be set up for the different panels, so if you’re playing an MMO, you might have something set up for the 12-button panel, and using it for a shooter, the 6-button panel can be used for the different weapons, as an example.

My favourite is the six-button layout, especially for a shooter like DOOM: Eternal, programming certain action that would require you to either contort your hand in order to get to certain buttons or remove your hand from WASD. Now, you can continue moving and keep your hand in a normal, gaming position. It also has space under the buttons for the thumb to rest, which made using it more comfortable than the 12-button option. Something I loved to do also, was program links to sites I frequent into the buttons, and setting that with a “Work” and “Play” profiles is a very nice feature. Also, the fact that it used Bluetooth, means I can connect it to my work laptop with a certain profile, and my personal PC at home with another. The options are endless, and this is what I really, really liked about this mouse. Yes, the option is available on the DeathAdder Pro, but it never occurred to me while using it, as the customization options are a bit more limiting.

Almost a perfect mouse

The Razer Naga Pro sports some impressive battery life, definitely better than the DeathAdder Pro, and it took me nearly two weeks to completely drain it once, which isn’t bad for a lot of use. It has a nice weight and feel to it, meaning I could use it for some time without getting tired. The only drawback to this mouse and I will keep docking points for it, is once again Micro-USB, which should be a criminal offence in the year 2020.

At over R3,000, The Razer Naga Pro is hard to recommend, but I will do it anyway, it is simply one of the best tools I’ve used on a PC, for both gaming and productivity, and for that alone, I feel like it is worth the price in admission.


  • Modular panels give you so many options | Outstanding battery life | Programmability possibilities is endless | Well made with quality materials | Comfortable to use


  • Micro-USB in 2020 is a sin | No travel pouch for a mouse I want to travel with


The Razer Naga Pro is one of the best mice I ever got to use. It is a bit tricky to get setup for you, but once you get everything going, the possibilities feels endless. It is very well made, it has incredible battery life and performance is exactly what you would expect. It is expensive though, so better prepare your wallet.


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