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To date Resogun is still heralded as one of the top exclusive titles available on the PS4. Stemming from a development studio, Housemarque, that’s thrived on arcade shooters, you know it’s just about a given that you’re going to have a stupid amount of fun. The Defenders DLC is no different.

The latest download content pack adds two new modes in the form of Protector and Commando, which brings the overall mode count in Resogun to 6 modes, after Demolition and Survival releasing prior to this. I would say that both these modes offer more value than the previous DLC, so if you’re on the fence you best sit up and listen.


More power-ups? Yes please!

Protector sees you once again taking control of one of three stock ships with their own set of stats, made up of agility, boost, overdrive and weapon type (Photos, Ferox and Nemesis). For those in the mood for something else there’s custom ships. These include an X-Wing, The Beatles (don’t ask) and a Chicken Leg among others, made by the community. Protector takes the original Resogun format and turns it on its head, but in a very enjoyable form. Your aim is to once again ‘Rescue the last humans’, but this time you don’t just deposit the humans for no apparent reason. Nope, you save them to rebuild several cities. Deposit a human and you’ll be rewarded with a power-up token.


The power ups are provided in the form of Bonus Levels, Weapon upgrades, Shields, Bombs, Super Boosts, Super Overdrives, Human+ (allows you to pick up more than one human at a time) and Teleport (lets you instantly deposit humans by tapping the L2 trigger). Your aim is to deposit enough humans into the cargo. Once completing three buildings the world behind you will literally flip. In this period a volcano erupts with lava rocks being throw at your ship. As you only get one life this is much tougher than it might sound, though a shield can virtually add an extra cat life to extend your game.

The enemies are fierce and you’ll have to deal with several walls blocking your path when moving from left to right, though your weapons will make short work of it once powered up. While all this happens you also need to keep your eyes on the ‘Destroyer’, a massive UFO-like ship that will descend upon your cities. There’s a countdown before it happens, which assist you with a bit of planning time. Expect many hours to disappear in your life when playing this. It’s the second part of the DLC that had me playing for hours upon hours. The words ‘I’ll be back’, made all the more sense.


He is BACK! Sort of…

Commando, as the name suggests, is an individual human taking on the alien hordes solely by himself. You have one task at hand and that’s to prevent your house from being destroyed. When the health bar of your house reaches zero (or you get touched once) it’s game over. As you’re now on-foot you also jump to avoid incoming fire from enemies, or jump over groups of enemies. You can also speed-run by pressing the L1 button, as you would speed boost in other modes when flying a ship. Enemies will also attack from sky and land. Instead of the left-to-right (default Resogun setup) you now need to cover a 180 degrees of incoming threat. There was something in particular that had me enjoying the game even more than I should – the voice actor sounds just like Arnie. “I’ll destroy you!” and “Who sent you?!” is all in typical Arnie fashion. I think I enjoyed hearing his Austrian English chirps more than anything else. You can still use bombs and there are several power-ups that makes reference to Arnie such as ‘Sun Glasses’ that slows time down and reveals enemy trajectory, a ‘Headband’ increases your speed for a short while and the ‘Minigun’ token let’s you kick alien ass with some form of super weapon – just as Arnie would.


As always the leaderboards take centre stage and you’ll be coming back for more purely to beat your buddies score. There’s also more challenges for you to compete in, which will definitely increase the time you spend with the DLC. If you own and enjoy Resogun I highly recommended that you download this DLC, that’ll cost you a mere R73.00. For the rest, “Come with me if you want to live!”



  • The Arnie voice acting is hilarious | Custom Ships brings the fun | Leaderboards ups the challenge


  • Really tough as both modes supplies one life


Gameplay - 9
Visuals - 9.5
Audio - 9
Gratification - 9
Value for money - 9.5
Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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