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Rhythm Paradise or Rhythm Heaven (as its known in North America) games have always been zany and wacky in the best of ways. It will most definitely be the weirdest and silliest fun you’ll ever have with a rhythm game. The franchise itself has always tested the players ability to play to a beat or tune. The new installment in the Rhythm Paradise franchise retains all this and adds even more to the mix creating a Megamix.

Rhythm Paradise Tibby

The weirdest RPG you’ll ever play

Unlike its predecessors Rhythm Paradise Megamix actually has a story mode. Tibby, an unusual afro pink character, has fallen from Heaven World down to Earth and it is up to you to assist him on his journey to get home. During the adventure Tibby and the player will make their way through different lands/stages to help other unusual characters bring the flow back into their lives. Each stage consists of four mini games that you’ll have to play successfully in a linear format before your allowed to move on to the next stage. During the mini games players will also collect golden coins, you’ll be rewarded with more or less coins depending on how well you do in each game. The coins can be used at the “Cafe”, which is kind of like the item or equipment stores you would find in rpg’s. Unfortunately the items aren’t really useful in any way except for memento purposes.

[pullquote_right]The beauty about Rhythm Paradise Megamix is that majority of the time you’ll only need one hand to play[/pullquote_right]One thing is for sure, they don’t call this title Megamix for nothing. Rhythm Paradise Megamix has over 70 rhythm mini games including mini games from Rhythm Tengoku (Game Boy Advance), Rhythm Paradise (DS) and Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii). It also includes over 10 new rhythm mini games introduced in this new installment. First Contact, where you have to translate for an alien to help those on earth to understand him, LumBEARjack – where you’re a woodcutter, and Super Samurai Slice – where you’re a fruit/veg cutting Samurai.

Look Ma, One Hand!

The beauty about Rhythm Paradise Megamix is that majority of the time you’ll only need one hand to play. In most rhythm mini games you’ll only need to press the “A” button on cue, although a few mini games do insist that you press the “B” button and occasionally the D-Pad buttons as well. The difficulty, just like the previous Rhythm titles, shows up more often than not in the higher levels where the beats become faster or the remix occurs. At a certain point in the game you’ll come across the towers. The towers, just like the stages, take players through four mini games in a linear format. However the towers incorporate a fifth mini game that combines all four simultaneously into one song, a megamix remix of sorts. It can get a little confusing, but once you get the grasp of it it all makes good sense.

Rhythm Paradise 4 Players 2

Multiplayer, yes please

[pullquote_left]The best part is that its played through download play. Meaning that you’ll only need one copy of the game[/pullquote_left]Rhythm Paradise Megamix surprisingly can be played with up to four of your friends as well. The best part is that its played through download play. Meaning that you’ll only need one copy of the game. The multiplayer pits you and your friends against each other to see who has the best rhythm. It also includes a Streetpass feature that allows players to challenge an AI version of your friends (or strangers).

Rhythm Paradise 4 Players

All-in-all I had an absolute blast with Rhythm Paradise Megamix. The songs have quite catchy tunes to them and don’t drag out at all. Quite the opposite actually as I felt that the songs should have been a bit longer at times. The RPG aspect to it was also quite comedic and doesn’t take itself serious at all. I highly recommend that everyone give it a try, and if you’re skeptical just try out the demo on the eShop first.



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Gameplay - 8.5
Visuals - 8
Audio - 8.5
Gratification - 9
Value for money - 8.5

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