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Review: The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff (PC)



The Sims 4 latest stuff pack released this week and this time the theme is fitness. As you can imagine, the pack includes new fitness equipment as well as matching furniture and new athletic outfits for your Sims to wear while getting fit.


The new outfits include a variety of tops and pants for male and female Sims in quite a few cool styles, as well as a handful of new hairstyles. There’s a multi-coloured hairstyle included and some new braids/dreadlocks. Unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing for kids, but with the theme of this pack I suppose that’s not too much of a surprise. The CAS items are quite cool looking, with some nice new tops, bottoms and leggings. As always female Sims get the bulk of the assets, but there is some nice stuff for men too. Quite a few of the items would work well for everyday wear as well, which is a plus.

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The new furniture has a nice look to it: modern, with several glass tables and new wall shelves. There’s a couple of chairs, as well as couches, tables, mirrors and other decorative items. There’s a new bathroom set including a nice corner bath. While the pack includes the treadmill and arm machine in new styles, there’s a a noticeable lack of a new boxing bag.

However, there is a brand new climbing wall that’s kind of a treadmill with hand holds for your Sims to climb up. It has varying degrees of difficulty, just like the other fitness equipment, though at high levels of difficulty there are flames and potential horrible death for your Sims. What’s interesting is the climbing wall doesn’t seem to be directly linked to your Sims’ fitness skill. Any Sim who tries it, regardless of whether their fitness skill is 1 or 10, will have the same beginner options available initially. Once they start doing a lot of climbing they’ll get the option to do challenges and set times that other Sims can try to beat. It does seem to be a sub-skill as my Sim with 10 fitness still had a skill bar above her head while climbing. Having max fitness skill didn’t seem to help a great deal with progress on the climbing challenges. Even though the tooltip when your Sims fails suggests that they have better stamina with higher fitness skill, that didn’t seem to be the case for my Sims.

Other new items include ear buds that Sims can receive randomly or purchase, and listen to music wherever they go, just like real people. They can now watch fitness videos on the TV and gain fitness skill that way. Both of these are nice additions to the game.

Like other stuff packs, Fitness Stuff is only R99 ($10) so you’re not breaking the bank if you like to have everything in your game. If you’re particularly interested in fitness equipment then this is a great little stuff pack. If you’re hoping for a little more meat, then you may want to wait for the next game pack or expansion pack. I thought the fitness stuff was a nice addition to my game, and the vertical climbing wall is quite fun to watch Sims fail and fall off. I really liked the clothing styles in this pack, especially the ones that can be worn as normal outfits. Bottom line though, it’s just more stuff for your game.


  • Cool new outfits
  • Nice new hairstyles
  • Earbuds and fitness videos add some everyday realism to the game


  • Nothing for young Sims


If you love the styles included in this pack, or want your Sims to take on the climbing wall challenges, this is the stuff pack for you.


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