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Review: Spider-Man: Silver Lining

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The City That Never Sleeps was a short little rollercoaster for our favourite web-spinning hero, dragging up figures from Spider-Man’s past as some dangerous villains and unlikely allies. The first two episodes were of varying quality with the second one, Turf Wars, being the more mundane and straightforward entry into the short saga. It was going to take quite a finale to satiate the hopes and desires we had for this three-part DLC expansion, so have they done that? I’d say they put in quite the effort, yes.

The finale features everything we’ve worked towards in the previous two expansions and many of the stories that were started are given their final conclusions. Because of that, the content in this part is a lot more spicey than in previous ones, wrapping up arcs and going big with the villains and fights. It struggles in the same way that the previous two parts did, but it excelled a lot in other areas.

Working with silver foxes

Silver Sable is obviously the focus of this expansion and her personal story is the one we’re following the most. Hammerhead, the plate-faced villain we fought in the second part, stole most of Silver Sable’s equipment and supplies, which she needs for the civil war going on in her country. Because of that, Silver Sable doesn’t stop at anything to rid the world of Hammerhead and his goons and she uses everything at her disposal too. The story takes some strange turns, especially with Hammerhead, but it’s a fun exploration of these distinct personalities and Spider-Man clashing with them is always a fun time.

Many of our previous associates return to the fray for one final battle and the whole saga gets concluded with a neat bow. Even the side missions have been beefed up in order to complete the stories of the people involved in them. Screwball, the annoying streamer who has been giving us challenges throughout the whole saga, can now finally be confronted. Yuri Watanabe’s story also gets cleverly concluded through the use of collectables throughout the city.

It concluded so much that it was almost too perfect. Things come to a screeching halt for many of these characters and a more nuanced approach would have benefited it a lot, but I think this was perfectly fine considering it’s just a piece of DLC and not a full experience like the main game. Overall, the whole saga reached a satisfying endpoint and you walked away being content with everything you have experienced. Just content though, nothing much beyond that.

Swinging around one last time

The side-activities have been a major thorn in the side of this saga. Many were ripped off from the main game and didn’t really do much to differentiate itself from what we’ve already done ad nauseum. It’s also difficult if you play it after completing the whole main game since you can’t level up or purchase suits and gadgets anymore, making all your efforts feel rather pointless. This time the activities have a bit more variation, but not enough to be excited about.

As mentioned, there are collectables that you can get to further the story of Yuri Watanabe, Screwball is there as well with her regular challenges and you can also take out some bases which is probably the most boring of the activities to do. It’s elevated by the fact that you get to experience the stories of the characters involved in them and makes doing them much more palatable. Except for the random crimes, those are still pretty lukewarm and throwaway.

Silver Lining was a satisfying conclusion to this saga, neatly wrapping up everything and saying a fond farewell to Spider-Man.

Enemies are a lot more formidable. Armed with Sable tech, your enemies are ruthless and keep getting thrown at you with reckless abandon. This is certainly the pinnacle that the normal enemies can reach with jet pack warriors flying around, heavily armoured heavies with mini-guns and normal soldiers being armed to the teeth. The finale will test all the Spidey skills you have acquired so far and on higher difficulties, you will probably get bodied quite a lot.

There isn’t much completely new content to be found which dulled my expectation for this finale a little, but what they did make for a satisfying final swing through New York City and the end to Spider-Man for the foreseeable future.

The city sleeps

So, how was the experience of all of these three episodes combined? Is it worth shelling out for the season pass? The answer is a little complicated. The three-part series as a whole is enjoyable. It’s like a smaller second story in Spider-Man divided up into three with individual characters taking the limelight. However, the main villain on offer isn’t one that will be many people’s favourite and the supporting cast needs to carry a lot to make the story enjoyable.

The activities are also a bit of a wash since they’re carbon copies of stuff we’ve done in the main game. In the main game, these activities were fun and exciting while also giving tokens and levels to improve yourself. Now they’re just a chore since there’s no real reason to do them other than trying to see the conclusions to the stories of the characters. It felt like a very watered down version of the main experience, but even a watered-down version of this fantastic game is still really good.

Overall, Silver Lining was a satisfying conclusion to this saga, neatly wrapping up everything and saying a fond farewell to Spider-Man. Definitely give this short trilogy a shot, especially if you haven’t played the game in a while. There’s a lot that could have been improved, but it remains fun considering we still get to be the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.


  • Good conclusions for all the characters we've met so far
  • A couple of clever activities
  • Enemies are a lot more formidable now and provide a real challenge
  • A satisfying conclusion


  • Side-activities are still pretty boring and derivative
  • Story came to halt way too fast
  • Main villain is not a good showcase of nuance


The conclusion to The City That Never Sleeps still carries the sins of the previous entries, giving us recycled activities and a rushed story, but the overall experience is a genuinely fun final romp through New York City. Lots of areas could have been improved, but if you're looking for more Spidey action, that's exactly what you're going to get.


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