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When it comes to Sci-Fi there is one franchise that sticks out more than any other. The fandom that surrounds it bears so much weight that it takes great responsibility to make sure that it shines. Even the creator himself had to move a mountain to appease his loyal fans, and failed in doing so. Star Wars is a franchise like no other; its fans are brutal and difficult to please. Thank the force that I’m not one of them.

Star Wars Battlefront was a massive challenge for me. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan and I’ve never played a Battlefield game. To top it all off, I really don’t like playing online, so this game was a triple whammy. I took this for two reasons, to challenge myself as a reviewer and to see how well it holds up against someone who has no emotional attachment to the franchise.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151128130835

Choosing A Side

Fighting as Rebels or The Imperial forces has been a dream for many people. With Star Wars Battlefront, that is a complete reality for people with current gen consoles. It’s a massive and explosive war between the dark and the light. Fighting as some of your favourite characters, Stormtroopers or the Rebel Alliance is a complete delight, even for a neutral person like me. I had equal fun playing the bad guys as I did with the good.

The one problem was, without a story, I don’t know if I really cared about who won and who lost. That’s one of the biggest issues facing Battlefront: for a game that costs R999 retail, it’s really difficult to justify just an online experience. It renders everything pointless, as if it expects you to fill in your own story, or somehow fit between the movies.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151128101914

What You See Is What You Get

What is in the game is a selection of Multiplayer modes as well as some offline, single player battles. The single player portion is divided into two items: battles and survival. There are 8 Battles taking place on four maps, one for each planet: Endor, Tatooine, Hoth and Sullest. These battles are fairly easy as you play against bots. You need to kill the enemy and collect points. The first to 100 wins. You can choose to be standard or play as a hero character: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Darth Vader, Palpatine or Boba Fett.

In survival, which does not include hero characters, is just as the name implies: you’ll be facing waves of enemy troops and you need to survive. There are four survival battles for you to choose. Online co-op and split screen are available and it’s a real blast if you have a friend over and want to just play to relax.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151128194614

Looking At The Maps

On the multiplayer side there are 9 modes for you tackle. Some are massive and others are more intimate. The biggest maps are Supremacy, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron. These three are massive and represent war the most. Each one has up to 40 players and it is pure chaos and bliss. I’ve had so much fun playing these, especially Fighter Squadron. In this mode, you get to battle in the air, using TIE fighters or X-Wings, depending on whose side you’re on. I’m also surprisingly good at it, coming in second or third in most matches.

The middle-sized maps include Blast, Cargo and Drop Zone. Blast is similar to the Battle stages in the single player and Cargo is pretty much the standard capture the flag. Drop Zone is another capture flag, but damn difficult to win.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151129150035

The smaller maps are some of my favourite, mainly because they highlight the heroes the most. There’s Droid Run, another capture the flag (only this time the flag is moving), Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains (my personal favourite of all nine modes). In Heroes vs Villains, all six heroes are in play. The first one to lose all three heroes (three for each team) loses the round. It’s particularly awesome when you have a showdown, like this one time I beat Darth Vader as Luke Skywalker. The same when I killed Boba Fett as Han Solo. I would’ve liked more heroes, good and bad, as the franchise is so big, so to be limited to just six is a bit of a sucker punch.

A Visual Spectacle

What excels more than anything else in this game are the visuals. I have never played a more beautiful game. From the animation to the explosions, everything is highly detailed and cannot be faltered. I couldn’t spot a single frame out of place and not one sound effect was delayed. To say this game is polished is a massive understatement. It’s slick, clean and breath taking. You almost want to look at things, but you really can’t, you know, because enemies. Another positive was how well it handled in both first and third person. I chose to play in third person because it looked more like Star Wars and it’s generally my preferred playstyle.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151128161418

It’s not all roses though. There’s very little in the way of customisation. The weapons are shockingly limited and the Star Card system does not look like it has a full deck. Character customisation is also fairly limited. For a game this pricey, I’d expect a proper character create section. Instead, you’re given basic-looking characters and you need unlock minor details using the game’s credit system. In total, there are 11 guns and 24 star cards. The only character I’d like to unlock is the Twi’Lek, but I need to have 17 000 credits and be at Rank 50 to unlock it – what a nightmare.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151128161432

The offline stuff can easily be completed in about 3 – 4 hours (the survival maps taking up most of that time), but the meat of the game is in the multiplayer. If you’re a Battlefield fan or a Star Wars fan, then you’ll find this part wonderful. Getting to play in all-out warfare in AT-STs, A-Wings or as Han Solo will give you the best gaming highs of all. Despite not being an online fan, I’ve pumped in about 8 hours and played 49 matches – not bad for a game with no story.

The Price Is Problematic

Star Wars Battlefront was surprisingly entertaining, but my biggest apprehension about it is the price tag. Although I enjoyed it, I just don’t think it’s worth the price tag. It’s too much for a game that doesn’t offer a lot. The 9 modes are great, but with only four planets (out of an entire freaking universe) and a tiny selection of customisables, as well as a small roster of hero characters, I just can’t see the justification behind it.

STAR WARS™ Battlefront™_20151128161709

Star Wars Battlefront is a clear cash cow, but that doesn’t mean it’s a crappy one. There are plenty of crap cash-ins out there. This one is polished and looks gorgeous. Its main drawback is how it’s being treated: a means to get lots of money for as little as possible, which is a shame. Give it a respectable story and dozen more maps, and this would’ve been a winner.


  • Visuals are brilliant | Easy to control | Fighter Squadron Mode is Awesome


  • Very Little Content | Not Enough Customisables


Is this really the Star Wars game you've all been waiting for?


Gameplay - 7
Visuals - 10
Audio - 8
Gratification - 7
Value for money - 5

I R ‘Kaal’gat Kyle!

  • Michelle

    I played the game and the visuals are stunning,it looks so real.They did a great job on the landscaping and textures.However I didn’t take to the game as the weapons and mechanics just didn’t “get” me.
    I liked the boost jump though and the survival mode.

    • TechniKyle

      The weapons do feel the same to me. I think what they tried to do was dumb the weapons done for a broader audience. Endor is the most visually stunning map of them all, but it’s also the one map that doesn’t look like a Star Wars, more like a normal rain forest.

  • kaapie

    it is visually stunning, however the gunplay seems rather dumbed down, and put me right off it. BF4 still reigns in this stable for me.

    Also i will say it: lack of exclusives this year has influenced ps4 sales of this title.

  • Trebzz

    If not for the beta which put me so off this game and a complete waste of 8gigs I would have totally bought this :/ so thanks for the beta guys you saved me money.

    • TechniKyle

      I wonder how different the final product is compared to the beta…

      • Trebzz

        Well i saw like 4 copies up for pre-played so I think that’s says something about it. I have no regrets by not wasting money on this.

  • Void667

    I loved the beta, but thought it was very arcade. I might pick this up on special sometime. Great review Kyle!

    • TechniKyle

      Thank you 🙂

  • Raidz19

    haha it looks so cool to be a stormtrooper! I don’t know much about Star Wars (sorry) but this looks like a pretty good representation.

    • TechniKyle

      I enjoyed playing the stormtroopers more, but I prefer the Rebel Heroes Leia and Han. Boba Fett is another awesome hero. The melee heroes aren’t that great though, especially Darth Vader.

      • Raidz19

        I’m going to pretend like I know exactly what your talking about 😉

  • TechniKyle

    I just realised that none of my images include the rebels….

  • Totes glad I played the beta, so I could see for myself how little I was actually interested in playing this.

    Battlefront just wasn’t for me. Not at all.

    Great review, Kyle.

    • TechniKyle

      All the more reason for more demos and open betas, especially for risky games like these.

      • Yip, and I nearly bought into the hype.

        I get that it’s a pretty decent game, but just not for me.

  • Jashveer

    Looks interesting and I love the Star Wars universe. Might just pick this up on a special or second hand.

  • Dian Fourie

    I also watched David’s video of the game and I am quite disappointed. Even as a non Star-Wars fanboy I really wished this game would do well.

  • Darryl

    Those “pew pew” sounds is enough to put anyone off…

  • Miguel Pereira

    Not for the price although the visuals look amazing don’t think there is enough in it for me to splash the cash. Might pick it up second hand at a later stage.

  • Anthea Hercules

    iv seen and read quite a few articles on the game and it looks amazing.would like to get my hands on a copy

    • Michelle

      The game looks stunning,like really,the mountains,forest,lighting,they did a really amazing job on realism,I just didn’t like the weapons,since I know you like COD,you won’t really enjoy this.

  • Anthea Hercules

    hope the game goes on sale in Jan

    • Michelle

      Like R500,then I might…might get it…otherwise no.

  • PVT. Crumb

    This game came with my PS4…. I hadn’t heard much about it so when I loaded it up I was disappointed at the lack of a proper Campaign. The gun-play was cool but overall I feel it was a game brought out to just ride the Star Wars’ wave of hype; easy money for EA as it is a ‘dumbed’ down Battlefront with a Star Wars skin.

    Nice review.

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