Review: Tetris Ultimate (3DS)



Thanks to a Russian with a passion for creativity in gaming the puzzle genre became a big thing in the 80’s. Since then America basically bought his concept, for next to nothing, and today there are numerous Tetris titles available at your fingertips on just about any platform you can think of. What sets this apart from previous Tetris games?


Not much quite honestly. If you’re somehow new too to this long-running franchise there’s still much to enjoy. Your aim is to build blocks, without leaving any spaces by using different shapes. Form a line without a space and the line will disappear. Your aim however is to have four lines disappear at once, called a ‘Tetris’. Doing so bags you more points and lowers your tower you’ve constructed considerably.

As shapes move down towards the base, from where you’re building, you have time to use the d-pad to move it to your desired position and press the A or B buttons to rotate it to fall into place. Press down on the D-Pad and you can move the shape downwards at a faster rate; press up and you’ll see the shape snap into place, speeding up your building process. Using that method comes into play when you’re playing the multiplayer mode.


In single player you’ll get your common marathon, sprint, ultra, endless, battle and battle ultimate modes, which are just variants of modes to lengthen your enjoyment of the game. It’s in multiplayer where the real fun sits. You can battle up to 9 other players in local play, or take the game online. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Tetris title, but there is something new that does at least breathes some air into this old formula – leaderboards.


It’s not just your typical leaderboards either. You don’t have to find the leaderboards section to see if you’ve beaten anyone’s scores. Whenever you’re done with a game, and assuming that you’re connected online, you’ll be notified that you beat someone’s score. It’s a great way for friends to be competitive online without having to be in contact about it. It’s a big deal for a 3DS game, okay?

There’s a ‘Challenge Mode’ that lengthens the offline mode a little with rotation lock, invisible, escalation and master challenges, but it’s not worth selling your current Tetris game to upgrade to this. If you’re after a bit more interaction you can check up on your Tetris feed that showcases new challenges and replay videos of your friends playing, but I found it to be exceptionally boring.

Tetris Ultimate is an enjoyable game of Tetris that’s limited to the basic fundamentals that makes this such a classic. It’s still Tetris and if leaderboards, where you play for score, appeals to you then this is ultimately the Tetris for you.



  • It's Tetris! | Leaderboards


  • It's Tetris! | Same old formula


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 7
Audio - 6
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 7

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I’ll play it, no matter the format.

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