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Have you been searching for that perfect party game where you and a bunch of friends or strangers get to know each other a little better? One where things are a little wacky and you get to draw all over photos using your amazing artistic skills? That’s You! could be the perfect game for you.

That’s it! Get your smart device ready.

That’s You! recently launched as a free downloadable game to PlayStation Plus subscribers that’s part of the upcoming PlayLink titles that will be launching exclusively on the PS4. It’s a unique party game in that it does not require any of the participants to know a thing about operating a Dualshock 4 controller. In fact, as soon as you have started the game up you won’t see the Dualshock 4 until your face has gone numb from laughter as you power off the PS4.

Generally the questions are all quite wacky and can get a little personal, the comical kind of personal

Two to six players can take part in this social party game and the only device each of them require to control actions in the game is a smartphone or tablet. Download the That’s It! app for either iOS or Android and it’ll go searching for the PS4 running the game. It’s recommended that all the players join a Wi-Fi connection, instead of eating up that valuable mobile data. Enter your name, take a silly selfie (the sillier the better) and you’re ready to start That’s It!

The crazier the better

I can recommend that you have no less than four players joining the game, as any less will likely spoil the experience and make it far too predictable. I was lucky enough to have my wife, a friend (Jacques Rossouw) and two strangers, (Triolin Chetty, Ryno van der Zandt) join me for a few 5-player games. Let’s just say that the strangers are now acquaintances that I know too much information about… That’s You! is that type of game. It asks you to be silly and have a great time.

Each game is divided into five rounds that places its focus on a particular theme – the kitchen, the bathroom, a crime scene and other interesting settings. A question is asked and each player must respond by either selecting an image that best matches a question about any of the players, using their smart device, or the question might ask you which of the players best relate to that particular question. Generally the questions are all quite wacky and can get a little personal, the comical kind of personal. You might even be asked to take a selfie of yourself trying to match a facial expression. Once everyone has made their selection the cards that appear on your TV for all to see are turned over.

At this point you’re hoping that you had the same thinking as the other players. Should your vote match the majority of what everyone voted then you are awarded points. If you are in the minority you get no points. The idea in this game is basically to guess what everyone will vote for and try guess it right, but you also have to combine it with good logic, like listening to the laughter that pursues after an image doodling challenge takes place. Take a photo of a particular player, as requested, and that image appears on all the contestants’ phones – it’s time to draw something silly. When doodling you can change the colour and the thickness of the line you’re drawing and should you make a mistake you can erase or use up to three undos. You’re always rushing as you have a limited time to work on your masterpiece (made up of mostly disturbing concepts). Once everyone has had their chance at doodling all over the image, and made a complete mocking of their artistic skills, each drawing shows up on your telly for all to laugh at. Again you need to guess which one is most popular among all the contestants. Get your vote in with the majority and again you score points, but there is of course a little risk involved too.

Keep in mind that the game is only as demented as the players playing, which should tell you the cray cray comes out real quick in most games.

Just before you make your selection you can include a joker token, which you have a limited number of, if you’re just about certain that everyone will vote for a particular player. Get it right and you double your points, get it wrong and you lose all including your joker. The person with the most points at the end wins, and gets all the beer high fives.

That’s… some missing potential

It’s exactly the type of game that’s been missing on the PS4. It’s a game that brings friends and strangers together and gets them to know each other a little bit better, even if it’s a little twisted in its own weird way. Keep in mind that the game is only as demented as the players playing, which should tell you the cray cray comes out real quick in most games. There is however a missing ingredient that I think could have been picked up from the Mario Party series. When you get to the end it’s obvious who the winner is, even before they announce it, so why not give away a few random points to make those last few seconds all the more interesting and exciting? Perhaps the person who got the most voted for, or the person with the worst drawing skills should get some random points to mix things up? It’s indeed something that can be added to improve this game or a sequel in the future.

We never experienced any repeat questions, though we’re sure that ultimately you’ll get to that point. At least you can add in your own custom questions, though I honestly never tried that out for myself. For now you should be aware that That’s You! is a party game that’ll have you and other players having a great time. It’s the ice breaker party game that can get any party started and the first of four more PlayLink titles that’ll appeal to all forms of gamers, no matter their skills. It’s to be played in short bursts and won’t win any awards, but what is there is good fun.


  • Great ice breaker
  • It brings the laughs
  • Does not require non gamers to understand a traditional controller
  • Custom question creator for when it repeats questions
  • Up to 6 players can play


  • You need at least 4 players for this to function properly
  • The point system could do with an improvement
  • Requires all players to download an app to function


That's You! requires you to leave the 'serious you' at the door, as things get a little crazy and silly. Just as it should. It's a real party starter!


Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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